Emirates Uses The Boeing 777 To Launch 3rd Daily Mauritius Service

Emirates Uses The Boeing 777 To Launch 3rd Daily Mauritius Service
Emirates Uses The Boeing 777 To Launch 3rd Daily Mauritius Service

Africa-Press – Mauritius. Driven by high demand, Emirates has increased Dubai to Mauritius from 2x daily to 3x daily.
It’ll take effect from October 1st, less than two months away. While Emirates has served Mauritius for many years, it has had 3x daily flights on just 69 occasions, most recently on January 4th, 2020.

From October 1st, Emirates will serve the 3,144 miles (5,060km) between its Dubai hub and Mauritius 3x daily. The additional service is EK709/EK710, operated by a B777-300ER, supplementing the A380 on the others, with first class available on all flights.

Mauritius’ key markets
Analyzing booking data for 2019, the last year unaffected by coronavirus, shows that the Dubai-Mauritius point-to-point (P2P) market was reasonably large.

Emirates carried approximately 132,000 roundtrip passengers, a massive chunk of which flew Emirates. That means that, across the whole year, an average of 181 passengers daily each way (PDEW) flew between Dubai and Mauritius.

It was (and remains) a sizable P2P market. Europe is the main continent for Mauritius demand. In 2019, these were the largest city-level European markets from Mauritius across all airlines and at city level.

The Middle East to Mauritius
Only Emirates and Saudia operate between the Middle East and Mauritius, with Saudia offering 3x weekly flights from Jeddah with B787-9s.

Mauritius has not seen Qatar Airways or Etihad Airways. Saudia launched Mauritius in September 2017, seemingly driven by religious traffic and the Mauritian diaspora.

The route was previously served on a very time-limited basis by Air Mauritius, with both the A340-300 and B767-200 deployed.

In the week Mauritius rises to 3x daily, it’ll join 23 other Emirates routes with 3x daily flights or more. They’ll average 80 flights daily and be responsible for 42 in every 100 Emirates services.

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