Joy’ the Mascot and the official anthem of the 12th CJSOI Games unveiled

Joy’ the Mascot and the official anthem of the 12th CJSOI Games unveiled
Joy’ the Mascot and the official anthem of the 12th CJSOI Games unveiled

Africa-Press – Mauritius. Joy’ the Mascot and the official anthem entitled ‘C’est la Fête’ of the 12th edition of the Commission de la Jeunesse et des Sports de l’Océan Indien (CJSOI 2022) Games were revealed, last evening, during a ceremony held at the Côte D’Or National Sports Complex.
The Mascot, created by Ms Sarah Theveneau, had won the 2021 competition ‘Zenes Montre To Talan’. As for the anthem of the 2022 CJSOfile:///C:/Users/Hamid/Desktop/11609-HBG_8581_1.jpgI Games, it has been produced by the artist Gérard Louis and performed by the Teenagers group.
The President of the Republic, Mr Prithvirajsing Roopun; the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation, Mr Jean Christophe Stephan Toussaint; the Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development, Mr Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram; the Ambassador of France to Mauritius, Mrs Florence Caussé-Tissier; the Secretary-General of the CJSOI, Mr Ashok Cheetamun; and other personalities were present during the unveiling event.

The President of the CJSOI and Minister of Youth, Sports and Family of the Republic of Seychelles, Mrs Marie-Céline Zialor, also participated through videoconferencing.

The official vehicle for the Games was also unveiled during the ceremony. It will travel across the country as from today, 21 July 2022, with ‘Joy’ the Mascot to raise awareness about the forthcoming Games.

The new hymn of the Games, dating back since 1995, has been reworked and finalised by the Police Band of Mauritius and was played during the unveiling ceremony at the Côte D’Or National Sports Complex. The new hymn will be used during the medal award ceremonies for the 2022 Games.

In his speech, President Roopun, emphasised that the Mauritian State has a strong interest in the development of athletes and in the promotion and development of sports as a whole across the country as well as in other Member countries of the Indian Ocean.

He recalled that, in recent years, various measures have been introduced to ensure the overall promotion of high-performance sports and practice of individual sports.

Our Republic has also set up sports infrastructures and sites of international standard and the Côte D’Or National Sports Complex, a major sports project set up in Mauritius, is moreover an example of this, he underscored.

Moreover, Mr Roopun highlighted that work is ongoing to make Mauritius an important player on the world sports scene and to fully engage at the level of a high-performance sports economy.

In the Indian Ocean basin, we already have the required infrastructure, the necessary management and even the best talent to meet our ambition, he remarked.

He also noted that after almost four years, our young people, will be able to compete again in the CJSOI Games and thus rise to participate in other regional and international sports competitions.

He expressed confidence that young athletes will give their best and that the 2022 Games will be a complete success. In his address, Minister Toussaint said that the 2022 Games will be held in 137 days and preparations are ongoing for the Games.

He recalled that three years ago, on 20 July, the Indian Ocean Island Games were launched in Mauritius and, tonight, we are unveiling the 12th CSJOI’s Mascot and official anthem.

The Minister highlighted that there will be a series of activities and events that will be organised leading to the 2022 CSJOI Games in a bid to create enthusiasm among the population and awaken the sense of patriotism of Mauritians and, at the end of the year in December our athletes will honour Mauritius.

The Sports Minister, in addition, expressed gratitude to private stakeholders for their support in sponsoring the 2022 Games and for promoting the personal growth and achievement of young Mauritians.

He said that young athletes represent the future for the sports sector and encouraged citizens to show support to not only young Mauritian athletes but also to athletes coming from other CJSOI Member States.

During her intervention, Minister Zialor, highlighted that the present unveiling ceremony marks a significant moment in the preparation of the sports and cultural gathering scheduled later this year in Mauritius.

It demonstrates that this long-awaited sports event for the young people of the Indian Ocean region is imminent and will become a beautiful reality, she rejoiced.

The Minister furthermore extended her best wishes to all Member States of the CJSOI in their preparations for the forthcoming Games. Mauritius will be hosting the CJSOI Games from 04 to 11 December 2022.

Around 2,000 young athletes are expected to compete in eleven sporting disciplines namely: athletics, futsal, swimming, pétanque, triathlon, boxing, table tennis, weightlifting, tennis, sailing, and beach handball.

A sum of Rs 50 million has been allocated, under Budget 2022/23, for the preparation of athletes and the holding of the forthcoming Games. CJSOI Games The CJSOI Games, an international sporting event in the Indian Ocean, were introduced in 1994 by the CJSOI Ministerial Committee.

The best athletes, aged between 14 and 17 years, and coming from Comoros, Djibouti, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Reunion and the Seychelles, compete during the Games.
The objectives are to give young athletes the opportunity to participate in a major international sporting event; to promote cultural exchanges among CJSOI Member States in a spirit of friendship; and encourage regional cooperation and youth development.

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