Minister Hurreeram Takes Stock of Work Progress At the Grnw Valley Site


The Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development, Mr Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram, effected a site visit, this morning, on the construction site of the A1-M1 Link bridge till the Grand River North West (GRNW) Valley site. The aim was to take stock of the progress of work on this major road decongestion project. He was accompanied by the Senior Manager at the Road Development Authority (RDA), Mr Ahtion.

In a statement, Minister Hurreeram expressed satisfaction as regards the works undertaken which have progressed significantly. He highlighted that this road decongestion project will facilitate the lives of the citizens by enabling them to travel from the west to the centre of the country faster.

Furthermore, Mr Hurreeram stated that advanced technologies have been used for this project adding that the engineers will henceforth be able to implement more complex projects across Mauritius.

A1-M1 Link Road

The A1-M1 Link Road is a one km long dual carriageway to link the Port Louis-St Jean Road (A1) at Chebel through a 330 m long bridge via the GRNW valley to Motorway M1 and the existing Ring Road Phase 1 at Sorèze. The construction of A1-M1 Link Road including the A1-M1 Link bridge is being funded to the tune of around Rs 4.31 billion. As at May 2021, overall progress of works stands at 63,5% while 46% have been completed at A1-M1.

The A1-M1 Link road will improve the distribution of traffic within the network of the A1 Road and M1 Motorway and will provide an alternative access to the capital city of Port-Louis for traffic originating from Rose-Hill, Beau-Basin, Chebel, and Chapman Hill, upper Coromandel. Ultimately the traffic congestion will be reduced to a significant level along the A1 Road and M1 Motorway and at locations such as Réduit and Ebène.

In order to connect A1-M1 bridge with A1 road, a new roundabout is being built near Gamma Civic Ltd at Chebel and improve the accessibility to Port-Louis and Beau-Bassin. The Chebel roundabout will be connected with A1-A3 Link Road whereby vehicles from Port Louis will be able to move to the west of the country via Ring Road and A1-M1 Link Road.

For the connection between M1 motorway and A1 road, an extra-dosed bridge with a total length of 330 m is being constructed at the GRNW Valley and progress of works stands at 45%. It is expected that the bridge will be ranked as the most aesthetic structure of Mauritius and play an important role as a national landmark in Mauritius.


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