No School Or Work Today Due To Yesterday Flood Damage

No School Or Work Today Due To Yesterday Flood Damage
No School Or Work Today Due To Yesterday Flood Damage

Africa-Press – Mauritius. The torrential rains which fell on the island yesterday caused considerable damage in the country: several houses were flooded and the country’s main roads were impassable. Faced with this state of affairs, the government had to make important decisions. So, the National Crisis Committee announced last night.

employees of the public sector (including parastatal bodies and government companies) and the private sector will not have to go to work tomorrow, Monday April 22, 2024, but should favor teleworking. This measure does not apply to essential services and emergency services. “However, and depending on the weather conditions prevailing on the island, certain essential businesses and services such as pharmacies, gas stations, supermarkets, shops and the tourist sector will be able to operate while taking the necessary precautions for their customers and their employees,” it is mentioned in the press release from the National Crisis Committee.
The public is advised to limit their travel, except for essential reasons.

Damages due to floods

Earlier, the Ministry of Education, Higher Education, Science and Technology issued a statement to inform the public that there will be no classes in all public and private institutions pre-primary, primary, secondary, SEN (Special Education Needs) schools, technical and vocational education centers, including those of MITD and Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd, as well as higher education institutions today, the Monday April 22, 2024, in order to allow an assessment of the state of the institutions concerned and their cleaning.

Big scare for the residents of Richelieu on Sunday afternoon. A sudden rise in water levels affected several homes, following the downpours which fell on the island this Sunday, April 21. Various neighboring regions were also watered, notably Albion and Gros-Cailloux. The M1 motorway had to be closed to traffic. Access is also restricted to the Belle Village flyover in Port Louis as well as on the road from Port-Louis to Roche Bois, due to flooding. Several people were rescued at Place d’Armes during a joint operation between the NCG and the MFRS, according to the National Emergency Operations Command (NEOC).

Damages due to floods

As of 10 p.m. on Sunday evening, there were no torrential rain warnings in force in Mauritius

The active clouds that influenced the weather move away to the east. However, atmospheric conditions still remain humid and unstable which will remain favorable to the formation of other active clouds on the island.

Damages due to floods

As a result, a heavy rain watch is in effect in Mauritius.

The highest rainfall from 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning to 7:00 p.m. is as follows:
Albion: 302mm
Domaine Les Pailles: 232mm
Champs de Mars: 194mm
Beau Bassin (Barkly): 190mm
Bell Village: 183mm
Mocha: 165mm
Chitrakoot: 163mm
Port Louis (L.Barracks): 162mm
Discovery: 119mm
Rich Earth: 103mm
Terminals: 103mm

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