Ritesh Ramful: “If XLD joins forces with the MSM it will be a betrayal of its electorate”

Ritesh Ramful: “If XLD joins forces with the MSM it will be a betrayal of its electorate”
Ritesh Ramful: “If XLD joins forces with the MSM it will be a betrayal of its electorate”

Africa-Press – Mauritius. The PTr-MMM alliance brought together, yesterday, its activists from constituencies Nos. 11, 12 and 13, at Jagarnath Hall, in La Rosa, as part of the mobilization for the May 1 meeting. The general secretary of the Labor party, Ritesh Ramful, main speaker at this first meeting organized since the departure of the PMSD from the alliance, essentially targeted the leader of the latter party.

“Xavier-Luc Duval says he and MSM can rhyme together. If the PMSD of Xavier Duval agrees with MSM, it will also be able to take a bigger turn for the better,” he declared. He invited those who disagree with the PMSD to join the PTr-MMM alliance.

“Ou pa kapav diskit ar nou ek frekant an mem tan bann adversario. Nou pa pou aksepte,” says Ritesh Ramful. He added how after independence the emblematic leader of the PMSD, Sir Gaëtan Duval, had concluded an alliance with the PTr of SSR on behalf of the country. He listed the series of scandals which punctuated the regime of Pravind Jugnauth and which were denounced by Xavier-Luc Duval in his capacity as leader of the opposition over the last three years through his Private Notice Questions (PNQs).

“Bann bon PNQ we respect and felisit li pour sa bann PNQ lor bann dye important”, he continues, adding that Xavier-Luc Duval had left the government because the latter wanted to jeopardize the independence of the Director of Public Prosecutions . (DPP). “Today with the Financial Crimes Commission and the actions of the police commissioner, the MSM is doing worse,” he said, considering that Xavier-Luc Duval will be obliged, in the event of an alliance, with the MSM to swallow his snakes.

Pradeep Jeeha, for his part, estimated that the elections are not far away and in any case not next year as the Prime Minister and leader of the MSM, Pravind Jugnauth, wanted to believe. He finds that after having fleeced the population over the last ten years, Pravind Jugnauth wants to give the impression that he will show generosity before the next elections.

Lormesh Bundhoo, who chaired the meeting, affirmed that it will be necessary to keep in sight the objective of the alliance, namely “to overthrow the Jugnauth government in the next general elections” and this, despite the departure of the PMSD. He indicates that “there will be passengers who take the train along the way. They will be welcome. Others, the chatwa will leave. But that’s life. » He returned to the scandals which marked the two mandates of the MSM government: “Wakashio, Covid, the Molnupiravir affairs, ex-minister Yogida Sawmynaden, Hurdoyal, Angus Road, Sun Trust…” According to him, if Sir Anerood Jugnauth had been there “klak lor klak li ti pou bande”, in reference to the slogan “rezilta lor rezilta”, which Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth claims to have been inspired by the PMSD.

Manoj Seeburn maintains that “the MMM/PTr alliance is unique and historic in defending the future of the country with a new beginning for the country”.

As for Ashley Ramdass, he warned the audience against the power and strength of the mafia and money. “The mafia is a mafia and it’s a part of its electorate ,” he said.

Munsoo Kurrimbaccus, also secretary of the Union of Private Secondary Education Employees (UPSEE) denounces that “the educational system is in need of development”. He also denounced the proliferation of drugs in the country while reporting the treatment given to Franklin, accused of money laundering, before traveling first class aboard Air Mauritius to go to Reunion Island for his trial criminally.

Anishta Babooram states that “it is time to give the country back its freedom as in 1968 with the country’s accession to independence. » She regrets that “Pravind Jugnauth made our democracy a dictatorship”. Anishta Babooram also emphasized “zefor bann madam pou tini labar”, alluding to the skyrocketing cost of living and the increasing domestic violence in society, emphasizing that “mem dan parlma, kan madam lev lavwa, put on deor.”

Tony Apollon, member of the MMM compared the former opposition leader to Judas, arguing that “Paul Bérenger innn li post lider loposisyon, inn din li so valer”.

For Rajen Narsinghen, the Supreme Court’s decision to freeze the re-registration of SIM cards, pending its judgment in May, is to the credit of the judiciary and represents a slap in the face for the government.

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