The indelible wound for US civil rights in Mauritius and the aftermath of 9/11


Fourteen years of detention and torture in Guantanamo without charge or evidence of crime. Release, trial and ransom in 2016 thanks to a courageous lawyer and a Marine colonel’s crisis of conscience. story of mauritania Mohamedould Salahi is one of many people who have embarrassed American history after 9/11, when suspicions of Islamic terrorism resulted in an obsession with finding scapegoats. It was important to make a film of it, possibly solid and faithful, and show it to the general public. That’s what happened thanks to the 71st Berlinale, posted even when it was online Mauritanian In anticipation of the next Oscar nomination, the Berlinale Special Gala segment awaits programming on Prime Video soon.

Because legal biopic drama directed by Scotsman kevin macdonald – In return was awarded the 2000 Academy Award for Doc one day in september – It is a work of rigor with extensive media coverage supported by two influential interpretations: one side always efficient Jodie Foster (already awarded a Golden Globe as a dramatic hero for this role), on the other hand the intense Franco-Algerian Tahar Rahim To make the best of your repertoire after exploiting with a prophet (A Nabi, 2009) by Jacques Audiard. Indeed, both seem to be the result of a precise choice linked to their respective careers: Foster as an unforgettable prison instigator, hunter of troubled minds (Silence of the Innocents), Rahim as the symbolic interpreter of an unjustly punished prisoner and always Marked for imprisonment (quoted, un Nabi). in their favor, not negligible, it’s also Benedict Cumberbatch In the role of Marine Colonel in charge of covering the “entire”.


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