The PM on Ramgoolam’s coffers: “We need to see how his (bank) cards were used”

The PM on Ramgoolam’s coffers: “We need to see how his (bank) cards were used”
The PM on Ramgoolam’s coffers: “We need to see how his (bank) cards were used”

Africa-Press – Mauritius. The underside of the investigation into Navin Ramgoolam’s safes, and their Rs 220 million in various currencies, could relate to the use of the bank cards found. This is what the Prime Minister suggested by maintaining – as he has been doing for several weeks – that the discoveries at this stage would be “the tip of the iceberg”.

Indeed, in his response to a question concerning the 27 bank cards found in the safes, the Prime Minister declared that “we must see how these cards were used”, mentioning the amounts disbursed without disclosing the details.

Previously, the Speaker ruled that the Prime Minister could answer MP Joanne Tour’s question on this matter, although it is still before the courts and still subject to investigation.

The leader of the opposition, Shakeel Mohamed, opposed it for the first time at the start of Private Notice Question. Then, during Parliamentary Questions, he cited Erskine May, who established parliamentary procedures and on which the Mauritian parliament is based.

Shakeel Mohamed argued that charges have been filed and that the case must be heard. Which would justify the fact that the question is not accepted.

Before him, MP Arvin Boolell had sent correspondence to the Speaker. He had argued that this question could not be taken up in parliament, because in a previous ruling by the Speaker, the latter had ruled that an inquiry into the Angus Road affair – which is the responsibility of the Prime Minister – could not be accepted because the investigation is still in progress.

However, for the case of the former Prime Minister, the Speaker was categorical: “I rule that this question is admissible”.

The Prime Minister then largely returned to the Rs 220 million in different currencies found in Navin Ramgoolam’s safes, as well as bank cards allowing large withdrawals, among others.

He established that the sealed bundles of notes found are generally issued by the central banks of respective countries, and are transported by sea or air.

Once in Mauritius, these new sealed banknotes are transported under heavy escort to the central bank.

Navin Ramgoolam was found in possession of 17 packages, each containing 1,000 units of new and packaged hundred-dollar bills, totaling some USD 3 million, said Pravind Jugnauth.

“The country must know the truth” about their origin and whether the notes were in circulation, argued the Prime Minister, adding that “this affair is the ‘tip of the iceberg’. The future will tell us what else there is.”

The 27 bank cards found by the police allow “high spending limits” and were “exclusively crafted for the holder to enjoy exemplary privileges”, said the Prime Minister

“We need to see how these cards were used. What kind of amounts and expenses were made. You have to be able to justify these expenses. The future will tell us even more about the mystery of these cards,” concluded the Prime Minister.

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