This is certainly not the Mauritius we want as a nation


The benchmarks of democracy must be absolute. They cannot be watered down. Parliamentary sessions and the tenor and standard of debate and parliamentary question time aptly conducted by a respected and impartial Speaker are yardsticks of democracy. In a vibrant democracy, parliamentary question time is therefore an opportunity for government to proudly showcase its good governance and the competence with which it is running the affairs of the country. This is certainly not the case in the country.
Without the support of young MPs, no contested policy or action can be approved. Against such a deplorable backdrop, they can surely opt to leverage their numbers to bring about a paradigm shift in governance, democratic standards and policy framework. This will certainly take the wind off the sails of the arrogance and smugness of power.

This is certainly not the Mauritius we want as a nation. The hope of a significantly better Mauritius can only be realized by the bright and talented young of the country driven by lofty ideals, a high standard of ethics, a commitment of service to the people and country and the intellect to chart an innovative pathway towards a more prosperous future for the benefit of one and all.


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