‘Birds of prey’ want to sell sports club’s properties, Figueiredo warns – Carta

‘Birds of prey’ want to sell sports club’s properties, Figueiredo warns – Carta
‘Birds of prey’ want to sell sports club’s properties, Figueiredo warns – Carta

Africa-Press – Mozambique. Well-known bank manager and current chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of Moza Banco, João Figueiredo, has announced his departure from Grupo Desportivo de Maputo (GDM – Sports Group of Maputo), where he was also chairman of the General Assembly.

A note sent to ‘Carta’ reads: “Prevented from guiding the functioning of the Assembly of the Sports Group of Maputo in a normal way and in a climate of urbanity, I have decided to present my resignation”.

Figueiredo sent his resignation to the GDM General Assembly Vice President, António Grispos, following events that took place at the General Assembly there on Saturday, claiming “personal reasons”.

“I support this resignation in the global framework that has characterised the last General Meetings of the GDM, and whose facts are public knowledge,” Figueiredo wrote.

Figueiredo made his departure known not only to Paulo Ratilal, the current president of the “Alvi-negra” club board, but also wrote to Gilberto Mendes, the Secretary of State for Sports.

In the letter to Secretary of State Gilberto Mendes ( the top government sports official in Mozambique) Figueiredo describes an ungovernable climate in the club, “with very unclear agendas, whose visible face is a group of club members who are part of the Deportivo de Maputo fan group called ‘Raça’. The level of the representatives of this group of supporters is frankly far below that required for us to maintain a minimally rational dialogue”.

Figueiredo goes further, asserting that: “The members of that football supporters’ group boycott general assembly after general assembly and do not let those who want to work for the Club carry out their work. But they’re not, in my opinion, the true mentors. They are just an instrument of an ‘invisible hand’, who commands from a distance and without ever showing his face, an anarchic movement with obscure objectives”.

He also left a warning.

“Be careful, because the rumour is that the ultimate goal is to squander the Club’s assets in favour of real estate businesses. It so happens that the premises of the Club’s Headquarters (which arouses the appetite of the invisible birds of prey) are concession areas ceded (I believe by the Municipality) a long time ago, and intended exclusively for the practice of national sports. Don’t let these facilities be sold to new real estate businesses. They were donated exclusively for the practice of sports,” Figueiredo concludes.

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