Errors in end-of-term tests in Maputo City and Zambézia province

Errors in end-of-term tests in Maputo City and Zambézia province
Errors in end-of-term tests in Maputo City and Zambézia province

Africa-Press – Mozambique. Yet another scandal is overtaking the education system since Tuesday, with various errors detected in Term 3 end-of-term tests.

Final exams in the subjects of Portuguese, Mathematics, Visual Education and Crafts and Natural Sciences had spelling, content and even calculation errors.

Our team gained access to a Grade 9 Portuguese test written last Monday (01-08) in Maputo. It presents a text of a narrative nature, but further down the information refers to another textual genre: “The text of your test is presented in stanzas and verses and obeys a fixed structure”, that is, a poetic text.

A Grade 6 mathematics answer guide from an unidentified province maintains that 64+36 is greater than 101. Calculation suggests that 64 + 36 = 100, which means the highest number is the one on the right side of the test page, 101.

A Grade 4 answer script asserts the following: 4521 + 8289 = 1810.

A Grade 6 Visual Education paper of unknown origin enumerated and left to the students’ discretion the known types of drawings: “1. a) The four (4) types of drawings are: chalk, charcoal pencils, colored pencils, crayons” – an answer that was worth four points.

Some test forms come from Gurué and Nicoadala districts in Zambézia province, one of which has 40 acknowledged corrections.

In response, the Maputo City Social Affairs Service says that the failures are due to the existence of variants of the same subject.

“We were able to establish that the sentence in question does not belong to this test, but to the test of the night shift, which effectively has the text presented in verses and stanzas. It was during the formatting of these tests that this error occurred, which is the permanence of a paragraph that belonged to another test,” explained Alberto Muthemba, head of the Department of Education, Science and Technology, Higher Education and Vocational Technician.

According to Muthemba, teachers are instructed to correct this type of mistake whenever they are detected during the assessment and this was done to ensure normality in the process.

“The presence of this sentence in the daytime teaching test did not interfere with the students’ performance, nor pedagogically for the realisation of this test, because the questions correspond to the text above,” Muthemba defended.

The source also said that a team responsible for the process had recently brought positive results in the quality of the evaluations, so this event could not cancel out the work being done by his institution.

The National Organisation of Teachers(ONP) promised to comment on the errors detected in various tests and correction guidelines by this Thursday.


Inalcídio Uamusse

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