Frelimo Congress: Central Committee elects six new members

Frelimo Congress: Central Committee elects six new members
Frelimo Congress: Central Committee elects six new members

Africa-Press – Mozambique. The Central Committee of Frelimo, Mozambique’s ruling party, on Tuesday elected the new Political Commission, including Ana Comoana the secretary of Verification Commission.

The new members of the Political Commission, a deliberative body in between Central Committee (CC) sessions, were elected during the first ordinary session of the newly elected Central Committee at the 12th Frelimo Congress, held in the town of Matola, southern Maputo province.

The new entrants are Celso Correia, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Francisco Mucanheia (advisor of Mozambican President for Economic Affairs) Fernando Faustino (secretary-general of the Association of Veterans of the National Liberation Struggle (ACLLN) and Damião José (deputy of the Assembly of the Republic, the Mozambican Parliament).

Also on the list of new members of the CC are the Chairperson of the Mozambican Parliament, Esperança Bias, and the Chairperson of the Tax Authority, Amélia Muendane.

In line with the Frelimo principle of “renewal in continuity” are Alberto Chipande, Manuel Tomé, Eneas Comiche, former Prime-minister Aires Ali, former secretary-general Filipe Paúnde, former minister Tomás Salomão, Education Minister Margarida Talapa, Foreign Affairs Minister Verónica Macamo, also former Foreign Minister Alcinda de Abreu, and Nyelete Mondlane, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Welfare.

Comoana won 240 votes, from 250 CC members.

Seven left the Political Commission, namely Carlos Agostinho do Rosário, former Prime-minister, former Chairperson of the Assembly of the Republic Eduardo Mulémbwè, Conceita Sortane, Ana Rita Sithole, Sérgio Pantie and former Interior Minister Basílio Monteiro and Raimundo Pachinuapa.

The former secretary of the Verification Committee, Raimundo Diomba, ran for the Political Commission, but failed to secure the required number of votes.

The 12th Congress, a 5-day event, ended on Wednesday and brought together 1,500 delegates and about 500 guests

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