Isaura Nyusi awarded in New York

Isaura Nyusi awarded in New York
Isaura Nyusi awarded in New York

Africa-Press – Mozambique. The First Lady of Mozambique, Isaura Nyusi, was awarded the title “First Lady – 2023” by the organisation Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up in New York on Monday for her involvement in the search for actions to defend girls and women’s empowerment, in various aspects.

Isaura Nyusi said on the occasion that the award was the result of the hard work of Mozambicans, without any distinction: women, men, girls, boys, community leaders, government, civil society, religious denominations, private sector and cooperation partners, who had been collaborating with her office over the years, particularly since 2015.

The First Lady said she hoped the award would also serve as a lesson for future generations, encouraging them to continue to believe that, with everyone’s participation, it was possible to create a better world.

She encouraged the promoters of the initiative to continue to encourage women and girls in this way.

“We are fully aware that this award denotes an increased commitment and responsibility that falls on us to continue to do more and better, in defence of girls. We make this noble commitment,” she said.

This is the second award the organisation has given to Isaura Nyusi, the first having been in Maputo in March, 2018.

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