Mozambique: Chókwè Complex resumes processing rice – Noticias

Mozambique: Chókwè Complex resumes processing rice – Noticias
Mozambique: Chókwè Complex resumes processing rice – Noticias

Africa-PressMozambique. After a hiatus of about six years, the Chókwè Agro-Industrial Complex (CAIC) in Gaza province resumed rice processing on Wednesday of this week (13-10).

Central to the restart of activity at the complex was the investment of 600 million meticais in the Chókwè irrigation system (HICEP), which swelled capacity this year to close to 20,000 tons of rice.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Celso Correia, who headed the official reopening ceremony, noted that the CAIC already has more than 1,000 tons of rice in its warehouses, awaiting processing.

“When we talk about the results policy, we are referring to projects like this, which are mounting up throughout the country. This reactivation sees the value chain driven by the Rice Production Intensification Programme, supported by SUSTENTA, come to completion,” he explained.

Minister Correia expects, even now, a third of the maximum capacity of 30,000 tons a year to be achieved in the next two growing cycles.

“The first sacks of rice that leave here will be sent to our Defence and Security Forces. Our young people in theatres of operations in both the north and centre of the country will have their energy boosted by this national product,” he emphasised.

The minister of Agriculture and Rural Development took advantage of the occasion to deliver the first four of six rice harvesters now available in Mozambique.

These machines, he said, had been sourced as a result of irrigation system monitoring visits, during which producers had complained about the lack of harvesters.

“We were asked to deliver (the machines) in time for the 21/22 agricultural season, and here they are. The government of Mozambique, through SUSTENTA, today fulfils yet another promise made regarding this irrigation programme,” Correia said.


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