Mozambique: Choreographer Edna Jaime works on ‘Legado e Transmissão’

Mozambique: Choreographer Edna Jaime works on ‘Legado e Transmissão’
Mozambique: Choreographer Edna Jaime works on ‘Legado e Transmissão’

Africa-Press – Mozambique. Reflecting the concerns of societies around the world through dance was one of the ways that performer and choreographer Edna Jaime chooses to present her work to the public on an evening of performances entitled ‘Legado e Transmissão’ on Friday, September 2, at the Franco Mozambican Cultural Centre in Maputo.

Three new performances will be presented as a result of the artistic residency ‘Legacy and Transmission’ held at the Utopia Mafalala space in collaboration with the community and local artists, with a view to educating, innovating and preserving cultural and human values through dance.

The three works are Wansati a woman solo, Eu Rapariga, a performance by a group of children, and Nzualo: ‘Marathona 7/7’, a trio piece in which Edna Jaime herself performs.

The initiative marks the beginning of the process of sharing experience and knowledge gathered between Edna Jaime’s generation and the new and promising generation of Mozambican choreographers and dance artists, as part of the celebration of her 25-year career. The main objective is to share knowledge between generations.

Edna Jaime wants to pass on her legacy.

For more than two decades, Edna Jaime has been performing on stages to bring dance performances to life. Her journey includes Mozambique and international festivals, the luggage of which trips will be unpacked on Friday.

At the Sala Grande of the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, the dancer and choreographer will, through performance, share her learning with the new generation.

It is no coincidence that for this show, entitled ‘Legado & Transmissão’, Alberto Nhabangue, Paulo Inácio, Francisca Mirine, Associação Cultural Machaka Jr, Celeste Chehe, Francisco Macuvele, Ernesto Aleixo, Nandele Maguni, Ivan Barros and Caldino Perema will collaborate.

“I want to be able to create, through tonight’s presentations, the beginning of the process of my greater interaction with the new generations of dance creators and practitioners,” Edna shared in a brief conversation she had with us.

In this sense, Edna promises to bring to the stage the fruits of the artistic creation residency she was developing with the cast of the show whose main objective is to educate, innovate and preserve cultural and human values through dance.

“The artist does not do it alone, from those we consider to be mentors to colleagues from the same or another artistic discipline,” is how the choreographer summarizes her 25-year career, a continuous process of learning and sharing.

Such reasoning for Edna is not limited to professional colleagues, as she believes that the result of her creations bring different views of the world that are expected to be heard from audiences.

Trying to understand whether her conception left society with the desired reflections, questions, visions or sharing, Edna believes that changes are an integral part of a natural social, human or professional process, however she has some advice for the new generation.

‘Believe in your own vision of the world and continue to refine yourself through training, research, collaborations and exchanges so that you become professional and achieve the best possible artistic and professional status within and outside our borders,’ shoe counsels.

Having started her career in 2001, Edna Jaime discovered contemporary dance, the field in which he has been writing professional history for more than two decades, and through which he has echoed the name of Mozambique across borders, but not only through dance but also in cinema and in several other performance manifestations, having collaborated with artists such as Berry Bickle (Zimbabwe), Meg Stuart (USA), Naomi Watts (United Kingdom), David Zambrano (Venezuela), Frank Micheletti (France), Moreira Chonguiça (Mozambique).

Still looking for experience, Edna created her first work ‘Niketche’ in 2005, a female trio presented at the 6th edition of ‘Danse L’Afrique Danse’ in Paris. Among various participations, inside and outside the country, the regional artistic collaboration project between Mozambique, South Africa and Madagascar stands out.

With the choreography ‘O Bom Combate’, Jaime won the ZKB Recognition Award – 2021, in Switzerland.

In 2016, she founded KHANI KHEDI-Soluções Artísticas, which represents her and mentors her artistic projects.

In the same year, she participated in the 10th edition of the ‘Lady, Lady’ festival in Ouagadougou, which was collaborated between Mozambique, South Africa and Madagascar.

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