PM and FinMin to head up Frelimo’s electoral finance and logistics

PM and FinMin to head up Frelimo’s electoral finance and logistics
PM and FinMin to head up Frelimo’s electoral finance and logistics

Africa-Press – Mozambique. The Frelimo Political Commission has appointed Prime Minister Adriano Maleiane and Minister of Economy and Finance Max Tonela to lead the finance and logistics areas of preparations for the presidential, parliamentary and provincial elections scheduled for 9 October.

The decision was taken on Monday night at the 20th Ordinary Session of Frelimo’s Political Commission, which is responsible for managing Frelimo in the interval between Central Committee sessions. The two main managers of the public purse will be responsible for mobilising and managing the ruling party’s election funds.

This will not be the first time that the prime minister has been responsible for managing the logistics and money of the Frelimo party’s electoral campaign – Adriano Maleiane was the money manager for the electoral campaign for last year’s local elections.

According to AIM, the Frelimo Political Commission, on Monday, appointed to the Central Office to prepare for the October 9 elections the following persons:

As head of the Internal Activity areas, the current Foreign Minister, Verónica Macamo, João Muchine Mudema (deputy head) and Iasalde das Neves Ussene (deputy head).

For the area of Mobilization and Social Communication, the current Labour Minister, Margarida Talapa, as head, and Damião José (deputy head) and Ludmila Maguni (deputy head).

For the Finance and Logistics Area, the current Prime Minister, Adriano Maleiane (head), Sónia Vitorino Macuvel (deputy head) and the current Finance Minister Max Tonela (deputy head).

For the Documentation Area, Eneas Comiche, as head, and Francisco Mucanheia (deputy head).

For Application Verification and Analysis, the current Minister of State Administration and Civil Service, Ana Comoana (head), and the current Speaker of Parliament, Esperança Bias (deputy head).

For the Defence and Security Area, the former liberation struggle combatant Alberto Chipande (chief) and Fernando Faustino (deputy chief).

The Foreign Relations Area is headed by Alcinda de Abreu and Tomé Picasso (deputy head).

The party’s Central Office to prepare for the October elections is headed by Frelimo’s secretary general, Roque Silva.

The Monday meeting of the Frelimo Political Commission was chaired by the President of Frelimo, Filipe Nyusi, who is also President of the Republic.

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