Sofala: Investment projects approved in 2021 valued at US$147.9 million

Sofala: Investment projects approved in 2021 valued at US$147.9 million
Sofala: Investment projects approved in 2021 valued at US$147.9 million

Africa-Press – Mozambique. Thirty-three investment projects were submitted and authorized in Sofala province last year. The government’s plan was to approve 30 projects, so the 33 approved represent an achievement of over 100% and a growth of 6.5% in relation to the previous year, in which 31 projects were approved.

Data recently revealed by Sofala provincial executive indicate that the total value of investment was around US$147.90 million, with the volume of foreign direct investment standing at US$43.29 million and national investment at US$14.97 million.

The People’s Republic of China was the biggest investor, with around US$6.55 million.

Other data made public at the end of 2021 indicate that production in Sofala province grew by 4.4% in 2021.

Overall production last year was worth 54,570,750,80 thousand meticais, against a planned 64,661,181,97 thousand meticais and the 52,294,041,70 meticais of the previous year.

The branches of activity contributing most to growth were agriculture, animal production, hunting and forestry, with 49.9%, transport and storage services with 21%, manufacturing with 15.2% and fishing and aquaculture with 10.2%.

In the same period, revenue of 17,978,794,90 thousand meticais was obtained, which represents a realization above 100% of that planned, and a growth of 17.6% compared to the same period in 2020, when collections reached 15,292,631,49 thousand meticais.

Exports reached US$489.66 million of a planned US$438.40 million, more than 100% of target and a growth of 44.4% over 2020’s US$339.05 million. Top exports were vegetables and legumes, with 8.8%, fertilizers with 6% and shrimp with 4.7%.

The province of Sofala imported products worth US$951.36 million from a plan of US$649.68, a growth of 44.9% compared to the same period in 2020 US$656.56 million ).

The most imported products were fuel and mineral oils (22.7%), rice (10%) and machinery and equipment (7.9%).

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