Why adding mirrors can make your space look bigger

Why adding mirrors can make your space look bigger
Why adding mirrors can make your space look bigger

Africa-Press – Mozambique. We are so limited in having mirrors in our bedrooms and bathrooms, forgetting we can use mirrors creatively in our living room, not only for décor but also to give an illusion.

Mirrors have the same effect as a window, they give a breathing space to a room, making your small space appear lighter and brighter.

According to Momina Khan of the Decoist, mirrors can broaden things up in your space by creating the optical illusion of more space by correct placement.

“Flow is a good thing in a room. It represents a clutter-free approach to life and relaxation. A good way to associate this idealism in your room and help to broaden things is by using furniture with mirrored panels or doors,” Khan says.

Khan advises placing mirrors on hallways, or near a window to reflect the world outside.

“Adding them on the walls or glass table tops will give your room a more open feel,” she says.

Larger mirrors can be quite pricey especially if you do not have a budget for it.

You can opt for a couple of smaller mirrors available at thrift, Gikomba market. Then you can paint their frames in the same colour.

Group them together on a wall in the same place to create an organized feeling without appearing cluttered.

You can do your research on Pinterest, to find inspiration on which design will suit your space.

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