Appreciate independence, Sinimbo tells Namibians

Appreciate independence, Sinimbo tells Namibians
Appreciate independence, Sinimbo tells Namibians

Africa-Press – Namibia. Trade deputy minister Verna Sinimbo has urged citizens to place high value on Namibia’s hard-earned independence, and its subsequent benefits.

This is because others paid the ultimate price with their lives for those present today to enjoy freedom.

She said this during her visit to Oranjemund constituency recently, where she joined residents in commemorating the belated Independence Day event.

“While we are here to celebrate where we came from to where we are, we should always remember that our heroes and heroines fought for our country, whereby their blood waters our freedom, and the spirit of freedom and progress continues to thrive within our hearts,” Sinimbo said.

She continued: “Celebrating Namibia’s journey from its past to its present as an independent nation is an opportunity to reflect on its rich history, honour its struggles and triumphs, and envision its future potential.”

The deputy minister then warned that while celebrating achievements, it is essential to recognise the challenges that persist, requiring collective efforts, innovation and a commitment to social justice.

The politician also informed those present that as a sovereign nation, Namibia has made significant strides in various areas, including democracy, education, healthcare and economic development.

“She [Namibia] has further established herself as a respected member of the international community, contributing to peacekeeping efforts and regional cooperation,” said Sinimbo.

Referring to Oranjemund, she said the town one sees today was not so easily accessible in the past colonial era. “The town was essentially a closed-off town, accessible only to authorised personnel working for the mining company, or individuals with special permits,” she said.

Sinimbo said Oranjemund, despite its history as a mining town, does indeed hold potential for agricultural activity, tourism and energy development.

On the sidelines, in her political capacity as Swapo central committee and political bureau member, she engaged party members in Rosh Pinah in efforts to promote civic responsibility and political participation.

She emphasised the importance of voter registration, and further support for the Swapo presidential candidate.

“You have a voice during democratic processes (voting), and through doing so, you might influence decisions that will impact your lives in the end,” she said.

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