BoN emphasises accuracy in economic reporting

BoN emphasises accuracy in economic reporting
BoN emphasises accuracy in economic reporting

Africa-Press – Namibia. Deputy governor of the Bank of Namibia (BoN) Leonie Dunn has emphasised the importance of accuracy in journalistic activities, particularly in the field of economic reporting.

During recent training for journalists on economic reporting in Windhoek, she emphasised the critical juncture at which modern media finds itself, typified by an unparalleled influx of information.

In such a landscape, she emphasised the importance of accurate reporting. “Accurate reporting serves as the bedrock of trust between the public and the media, forming the cornerstone upon which the credibility of institutions such as BoN is built,” she said.

Dunn highlighted the position of journalists as gatekeepers of information, saying they wield profound influence over public opinion, perception and policymaking through their reporting.

“Journalists in Namibia possess the power to shape narratives, steer public discourse, and even influence policy decisions,” she said.

Furthermore, she emphasised the symbiotic relationship between accurate reporting and public trust, saying the erosion of one always leads to the deterioration of the other, and that inaccurate reporting not only undermines the credibility of media outlets, but also erodes public trust in vital institutions.

The course, which aims to improve journalists’ skills in economic reporting, demonstrates the BoN’s commitment to promoting transparency, accountability and informed debate throughout the country.

The deputy governor emphasised that through initiatives like these, stakeholders can work together to build a more robust and resilient media landscape, based on a firm commitment to accuracy and integrity. She added that Namibia is at a pivotal moment with emerging opportunities in sectors such as oil and gas, as well as green hydrogen. These developments, have the potential to transform the country’s economic landscape by offering new avenues for investment and job creation.

“Your reporting on these topics is vital in attracting both local and international interest, thus playing a direct role in the economic development of our country. You have the important role of understanding and grasping the intricacies of these new sectors of the economy, and communicating factually and objectively to the public,” she stressed.

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