General Namoloh supports military mandatory vaccination order

General Namoloh supports military mandatory vaccination order
General Namoloh supports military mandatory vaccination order

Africa-PressNamibia. FORMER cabinet minister and veteran of the armed liberation struggle, retired Major General Charles Namoloh has joined the raging debate on the mandatory vaccination order issued to members of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF).

The NDF chief, Air Marshall Martin Pinehas, recently issued a mandatory vaccination order to all NDF members. A citizens movement is opposing the order, and has prepared a petition to be handed over to the authorities during a series of demonstrations planned to take place this week.

Pinehas is of the view that the purported opposition to mandatory vaccination to soldiers is a storm in a tea cup. He said that the conditions under which soldiers live and operate makes Covid-19 vaccination necessary.

He also mentioned the fact that the NDF can at any time be requested to fulfil international obligations that require soldiers to be fully vaccinated.

General Namoloh strongly agrees with this position. Speaking to Informanté on Monday, Namoloh said that unlike civilians, soldiers have no alternative but to follow legitimate orders.

“A soldier is a soldier. He or she is obligated to follow legitimate orders,” he said, adding that Namibia cannot afford a situation whereby ordinary citizens incite soldiers to disobey orders.

“Yielding to such pressure would set a dangerous precedent,” he said. He said that he is himself fully vaccinated.

Namoloh was Chief of Staff of the People’s Liberation of Namibia (PLAN) and at independence in 1990, became the first Army commander before shifting to the diplomatic service. He also held several cabinet portfolios, including defence and safety and security.


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