Innovative teaching at Green Leaves Primary School

Innovative teaching at Green Leaves Primary School
Innovative teaching at Green Leaves Primary School

Africa-Press – Namibia. Teodor Nanghonga, a teacher at Green Leaves Primary School in Windhoek, is transforming science education with hands-on projects. Specialising in Natural Science and Health Education for Grade 7, he emphasised the importance of practical learning experiences.

During the 2023 academic year, his learners delved into a plethora of science projects. From constructing models of difficult body systems like the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems, to crafting identification keys using tangible materials, they were immersed in interactive learning.

Not stopping there, they ventured into building functional solar cookers, showcasing their ingenuity and practical skills.

“I am more creative and innovative as well. Thus, I use my innovative skills to create any teaching materials I need in whatever way possible. However, the idea is to do quality. And the best way to have quality practical science experiments is when you have all the necessary lab equipment,” Nanghonga said.

He added that having laboratories at schools will provide various chances to learn and experiment, which plays a crucial role in the ongoing intellectual development of pupils at primary to tertiary academic level. Moreover, a science laboratory also gives learners the time, space and resources to explore and experiment. Furthermore, they may learn to use the tools and conventions of science.

“If students develop skills in using scientific equipment correctly and safely, making observations, taking measurements and carrying out well-defined scientific procedures, then it will be easy for them to understand the nature of science.”

Despite resources’ constraints, Nanghonga employs inventive methods to craft teaching materials, ensuring quality education for his students. However, he highlighted the importance of having adequate lab equipment to enhance the quality of practical experiments.Under his guidance, students not only hold scientific concepts, but also develop critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills.

“I had always wanted to reach out for support. That’s why I feel so happy for this tremendous opportunity to get any possible support from any capable organisation across the country, community members as well as businesses, to help us secure a science laboratory classroom and science tools. We are a needy school in Okahandja Park, a school that’s willing to excel, regardless of the remoteness nor the fact that we are situated in a marginalised environment,” he stated.

He added that the necessary science facilities will enable the teacher and learners to pursue a topic in greater depth, and in a more lively and creative way through experimental projects than possible with short, discrete topical tasks or practical investigations.

“As a primary science teacher, the aim is to provide basic scientific background for our learners with the hope of producing the much-needed scientists for the country, while promoting teaching and learning for understanding,” he observed.

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