Isaacks demands preference for //Kharas residents

Isaacks demands preference for //Kharas residents
Isaacks demands preference for //Kharas residents

Africa-Press – Namibia. //Kharas Regional Council chairperson, Joseph Isaacks said people of the region should enjoy preference in all government projects and opportunities through affirmative action and equity this year.

He took this stance during the official year opening meeting of the regional council in Keetmanshoop recently.

“Our people have socio-economic rights such as the right to healthcare, education, food and nutrition, affordable housing and land, to mention a few,” he said.

The Keetmanshoop Urban constituency councillor is concerned that, despite these constitutional provisions, residents in the region are trapped in extreme poverty, hunger, homelessness, landlessness and unemployment.

“The fishing, mining, agriculture and education sectors have a big challenge with equity. The people of this region are completely excluded, while people from other regions dominate the labour market,” he alleged.

The politician also expressed the desire for children of the region to be prioritised in the allocation of bursaries from the green hydrogen project.

“I want our workforce and labour groups in the region to be taken up in the mining and fishing sectors, businessmen and women to get priority in programmes and opportunities, our children to get access in big numbers to tertiary institutions in the region, communal farmers in the region to be the priority in resettlement farm allocations, //Kharas Regional Council to direct and monitor all national natural projects in the region and international business partners and investors as well as local investors that want to invest in the region to engage with regional government,” Isaacks listed as requirements to address the inequalities.

He also complimented President Hage Geingob for declaring 2023 as the year of revival.

“It should be the year of economic emancipation for the //Kharas region. This will bring and introduce new hope, aspirations and expectations,” he reasoned.

The chairperson during the meeting also urged politicians and administrators to work hard this year, and improve the delivery of services for the region’s inhabitants by serving them objectively, fairly and honestly.

“I promise to work with everyone in the region, and hope that all of us will contribute meaningfully for the benefit of our region,” he stated.

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