Parents annoyed at stationery requirements

Parents annoyed at stationery requirements
Parents annoyed at stationery requirements

Africa-Press – Namibia. Some parents in Oshana region are complaining of being forced to buy all stationery, while some learners are told that they will be turned back if they don’t have all material requested by the school.

Oshana education director Hileni Amukana has cautioned schools to refrain from requesting full lists of school stationeries from parents. Amukana confirmed to New Era that funds have been made available for stationeries to all schools in Oshana.

“Our region received N$4 million for school stationery last year. Although the money is not enough for the learners, at least it is enough to meet the parents halfway,” she said.

The money is affected by additional classrooms at some schools because of new learners, but still, all learners are supposed to get half of the books if not all of them.

“All schools in Oshana received funds last year, I don’t understand why some schools sent the full list of stationeries when the schools closed, knowingly there are funds available, even if it is not enough, but enough to meet parents half way,” she stated.

She further said she was still waiting for the reports from all schools, indicating what they have used the money for. Maria Shikongo, a parent of a learner at Omeege Combined School in Oshana region, said she heard from fellow parents that children from other schools have received books.

“Only to hear that the ministry of education released money to all schools for stationery,” she said. She further asked why only some government schools offer stationery while some are not.

“They’re supposed to give us valid reasons why our children are not getting books from school. Whether the money was used for something else or did not reach the school, they should let us know, not sending us long lists of stationery needed,” stressed Shikongo.

Yoleni Shishani, who has three children at Ehenye Primary School in Oshakati, said she can’t afford to buy for all her children. “Where will I get N$3 000 to buy school uniforms and stationery for my three children? If the government meets us halfway, I can at least struggle to buy them what is left,” she said.

Another parent, who has a learner at Ongwediva Control Combined School said her child received all books from school the first day. “I thank the government for meeting us halfway, it really helped us,” she said.

Another parent, Nangula Timoteus said her two children attend Oshakati Primary School and got half of the books from the school. “Even though they didn’t get all the books, I am very thankful,” said the parent.

A teacher at one of the schools in the Oshana region, confirmed on condition of anonymity that their school did not buy any school stationery. “I felt pity for some parents running to my class crying that they only bought a few books for now, because they don’t have money to buy all 21 books requested by the school,” the teacher narrated.

She said the request to parents to assist with stationery is supposed to be the last resort, saying schools should first explore all available options before approaching parents to assist.

“Turning learners away from school could cause both parents and child emotional trauma,” stressed the teacher. – [email protected]

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