President Mbumba calls for more graduates from southern regions

President Mbumba calls for more graduates from southern regions
President Mbumba calls for more graduates from southern regions

Africa-Press – Namibia. PRESIDENT Nangolo Mbumba said that more needs to be done to increase the number of graduates in the Hardap and //Kharas regions.

“I would like to strongly appeal to the parents, families, communities, educational officials, and councillors to join hands and encourage more students from the Southern Regions so that we can increase their participation and success at the University level,” the president said.

He made these remarks at the 2024 Graduation Ceremony of the University of Namibia (UNAM) Southern Campus, where 159 graduates received their qualifications. The president congratulated these graduates and urged them to seize the opportunities that lie ahead, particularly amidst the country’s growing energy revolution, driven by the emerging green hydrogen sector and recent discoveries in oil and gas—industries requiring well-qualified workers.

The president, however, acknowledged the disparity in graduation figures when comparing UNAM’s Southern Campus to UNAM’s other campuses. He highlighted that while UNAM anticipates over 4,450 graduates nationwide for this year’s initial graduation, only 159 hail from the Southern Campus.

President Mbumba, therefore, emphasized that more efforts are needed to increase the number of graduates at the Southern Campus, expressing confidence in UNAM’s commitment to expanding access to higher education through infrastructural enhancements, notably within the Southern Campus.

Despite the need to increase the number of graduates at UNAM’s Southern Campus, the president also pointed out that the country has generally made significant strides in improving the education sector.

“I am proud to say that Namibia has largely complied with this UN declaration in that everyone has a right to education; primary and secondary education is free; and a majority of students at the tertiary level are supported through Government scholarships and loans. Moreover, in Namibia, education at all levels is widely available in all the 14 regions except for tertiary education, which we are still busy rolling out as resources permit,” President Mbumba said.

Still, he urged development partners, the private sector, and civil society organizations to support the government in its efforts to improve education further and achieve national and global education objectives.

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