RA has invested N$30 million in student bursaries since 2003

RA has invested N$30 million in student bursaries since 2003
RA has invested N$30 million in student bursaries since 2003

Africa-Press – Namibia. The Roads Authority (RA) has made another commitment to fund 10 tertiary students through their bursary scheme. The firm’s CEO Conrad Lutombi awarded the recipients recently, and amongst the 10 recipients was a security guard who works at the RA through a contracted security firm.

“We currently have seven students who are receiving support via our bursary programme. Five are studying in Namibia, and two are in South Africa. With the 10 bursaries we are awarding today, the total number will increase to 17, with an estimated cost/ investment of N$1,7 million per annum to support these students,” he narrated.

Lutombi said as the only institution in Namibia entrusted with the sole mandate to ensure a safe and efficient roads network, the RA has made a conscious decision since 2003 to join hands with the government in its efforts to make Namibia a knowledge-based economy as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. “To this effect, the Roads Authority has since 2003 granted a total of 158 bursaries in the fields of Civil Engineering, ICT and Transport Economics at tertiary institutions locally and in South Africa to the tune of approximately N$30 million,’’ he noted.

Many Roads Authority-sponsored students have completed their studies, and have taken up prominent professional and leadership positions within the company and at other organisations in the country and abroad.

“At the Roads Authority, we understand education’s transformative power for individuals, entire communities and industries. That is why we are committed to continue supporting talented and deserving students through our bursary programme.

Hence, I am happy to announce that for the 2024 academic year, the Roads Authority is awarding 10 bursaries for courses in Transport Management, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, and Logistics/Procurement and Supply Chain Management. The students have enrolled at various accredited universities in Namibia. The value of the bursary is estimated at N$ 130,000.00 per student annually,” he stated.

The bursary covers tuition, accommodation, meals, textbooks and a monthly student allowance. Accordingly, the Roads Authority is investing approximately N$1.3 million annually for the next five years to cover the expenses of these deserving bursary recipients.

Lutombi commended all the bursary recipients. “Please use this opportunity as a stepping stone to greater heights. I am confident that you will all take this bursary provided to you with both hands, and that you will make it a great success. Go out there and make Namibia, your parents, and us proud,”

“Our noble efforts align with our government’s priorities, as outlined in Vision 2030. Our government has identified capacity-building investments as one of the critical pillars of national importance to transform Namibia into a knowledge-based economy, where the fields of engineering and ICT play a central role,’’ he continued.

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