Swapo urges members to wear party colours everywhere

Swapo urges members to wear party colours everywhere
Swapo urges members to wear party colours everywhere

Africa-Press – Namibia. Oshana Swapo regional coordinator Werner Iita has urged Swapo members to wear party attire wherever they go.

Iita made the remarks during the launch of Swapo’s election campaign at Oshakati yesterday.

Swapo launched its campaign ahead of the Independent Patriots for Change’s campaign, which will be launched at Oshakati tomorrow.

In his speech, Iita said all those who have been given responsibilities by the party should start campaigning.

“I urge you to wear Swapo attire, whether you have a cuca shop or you are at a cuca shop or you are at home, wear Swapo attire. Let’s be like a provoked elephant. You see, when an elephant is provoked it annihilates anything in front of it,” he said.

“Hoist Swapo flags on your cars and on your cuca shops. The flags should go up.”

He said party members and supporters should do as they did in the run-up to 1989 general elections.

“Do you remember when we used to wear Swapo attire in 1989, engaging in door-to-door campaigns? That’s what we should do in the 2024 elections,” Iita said.

Speaking to The Namibian after the campaign launch, Iita said people can also wear Swapo colours at funerals of their comrades.

“Yes, they can wear at funerals because we wear Swapo attires at our comrades funerals. It depends on the church, if the church allows, they can wear Swapo colours at church,” Iita said.

Iita also urged Swapo members and supporters at the meeting to register to vote in towns next year so that the party gains more seats in the local authorities of the region.

He said the opposition has support in towns in the region.

Iita said the local authorities should issue municipal documents to enable those who live in informal settlements to participate in the local authority election of the town in which they live.

Iita also told party members and supporters to stop sharing material that discredits Swapo on social media.

Also speaking at the same event, former permanent secretary Erastus Negonga defended Swapo and its founding president Sam Nujoma against criticism.

According to Negonga, independence, democracy and development would not be in Namibia today had Swapo not struggled for freedom.

“We still have people saying Swapo is not a good party. Some are saying founding president Sam Nujoma is not a good person. Since when is Sam Nujoma not a good person? Those who say Swapo is not a good party or Sam Nujoma is a bad person are enemies of Swapo and Namibian people.

“Those who are saying Sam Nujoma is a bad person, they don’t know him, they only see him in my photos and they have never been Swapo members,” he said.

Nevonga said party members and supporters should educate those who have been misled by opposition parties.

He also took a swipe at ex-combatants who claim the United Nations (UN) gave Swapo money to give to former People’s Liberation Army of Namibia combatants.

“I was the commander for the north-west front and if you ask any soldier from the north-west, they will not tell you that they were told that they would be compensated when they liberate Namibia. We were volunteers. Where did you hear that Swapo was given money from the UN? There was nothing like that,” Negonga said.

Negonga also urged Swapo members and supporters to focus on mobilising the youth to vote for the party, after the 2023 census showed that the youth are the majority in the country.

“Target the youth. If you just say Swapo will win and you don’t talk to the youth, Swapo will not win.

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