Tears flow for five family members who died in Zambezi crash

Tears flow for five family members who died in Zambezi crash
Tears flow for five family members who died in Zambezi crash

Africa-Press – Namibia. THE lives of the five family members who died during a car accident last week were honoured during a fully packed memorial service at Katima Mulilo yesterday.

The sudden deaths of the acting chief executive officer of Namibia Drydock and Ship Repair company (Namdock), Heritha Nankole Muyoba, the National Planning Commission’s national adviser, Namangolwa Nzundamo (40), Twambo Chainda (16), Kasiku Nekaro (12) and Richard Masonke Muyoba Klein (8) sent shock waves across the country.

On 5 January, the left rear tyre of the car the family was travelling in burst, causing the driver to lose control and the car to overturn between Omega 3 and Kongola in the Zambezi region. Two people survived the accident.

The death of the family members was described as a huge loss by speakers at the memorial service, not only for the family but also for the nation at large, as they all still had so much to contribute to society.

The chairperson of the Zambezi Education Foundation, Audrin Mathe, extended his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and said Muyoba will be greatly missed because of the valuable guidance she provided to the foundation. “As chairperson of the Foundation, ba Nankole taught me much: that leaders must be tough enough to fight, tender enough to cry, human enough to make mistakes, humble enough to admit them, strong enough to absorb the pain, and resilient enough to bounce back and keep on moving,” he said. He added that Muyoba’s life was well-lived, therefore, she will remain in the fond memories of those who knew her.

“Ba Nankole, through her decorum and grace, endeared herself to many. This is particularly a difficult and painful time for her family,” he said.

Muyoba was affectionately described by the director of the Namibia Ports Authority, Alf Kathindi, as a loving person and a connector. He said the memories they created together will forever be cherished.

Governor of the Erongo region Neville Andre urged mourners to emulate Muyoba’s good and exemplary deeds of hard work, commitment, and love for her country and its people.

He said Muyoba contributed immensely to the development of Walvis Bay and the entire Erongo region at large, therefore they will forever appreciate her contributions.

“We will continue to remember her legacy as she loved people. Therefore, on this day she would want us to cry for our brothers and sisters on the streets who are suffering while looking for their next meal. She would want us to look for her in the people she loved and knew, to share with them the good things she did to us,” he said.

As for the loss of Nzundamo, the executive director of the National Planning Commission, Wilhencia /Uiras, said it has left a huge gap in terms of her responsibilities, as she provided technical advice related to regional planning in various regions. She described Nzundamo as a young, vibrant, energetic, committed, disciplined and passionate staff member who contributed immensely to nation building through regional planning.

“She was forever smiling. Henrieta was a person with many talents, as well as a go getter and a team player. Her endless contribution to the institution is still deep rooted in our memories, we will ever think of her as a colleague, sister and friend,” she said.

Zambezi Ngambela Forum chairperson Albius Kamwi said the deaths were a massive loss, because breadwinners, future leaders and young lives were lost. “However, we call for unity of purpose during this difficult period of bereavement. This loss should not divide you as a family but rather bring you together,” he said. The family members will be laid to rest today at Mazwangendaba village in the Sibbinda constituency.

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