Voting beyond political favours

Voting beyond political favours
Voting beyond political favours

Diana Mwanyangapo

Africa-Press – Namibia. Voting holds significance beyond merely fulfilling a duty to politicians. As we approach the forthcoming elections, where many political parties will come for our attention on the ballot paper, it is important that we discern and select a party that embodies trustworthy leadership, has a clear vision for the future of the Namibian people, and presents a comprehensive plan for progress.

Namibia conducts direct elections every five years for the presidency and seats in the National Assembly, with the next scheduled for November 2024, following the previous elections in 2019, which saw late president Hage Geingob being victorious in the presidential and Swapo obtaining the majority in the National Assembly.

Every Namibian citizen aged 18 years or older has the right to be registered as a voter, and actively participate in the electoral process. It is essential that we refrain from voting based on tribal affiliations, racial characteristics or any other discriminatory factors.

Voting empowers citizens to elect leaders that are capable of representing them responsibly and steering the nation forward. As a democratic nation, we must exercise our voting rights without fear and stay away from temptations that align with the majority for its own sake.

As the latest census report indicates that young people constitute the largest demographic in Namibia, this should motivate young people to be active in the upcoming elections.

As young people, for our values and policies to be represented by the government, we need to actively participate and make our voices heard on the ballot paper.

If you do not vote, other people will vote to choose who represents you. For a more inclusive democracy that represents the diverse needs of its people, young people need to vote to shape the future of the country.

We must vote for change — change that will bring peace, unity, and prosperity to our country. Change that opens new employment opportunities, improves access to education and healthcare, enhances

living standards, provides adequate housing and upholds human rights. No voter should face intimidation or victimisation for exercising their democratic rights to choose one candidate over another.

Your vote is your voice, and making informed decisions will drive Namibia towards greater achievements. Let us not be blinded by mere popularity, or seduced by empty promises and slogans during campaign periods.

Campaigns are elaborate spectacles designed to captivate attention and more voters, often accompanied by flashy displays and different persuasive tactics.

However, we must not follow those distractions, or be misled into making uninformed choices. Remember, a true leader is one who envisions improvement, and inspires others to follow that vision. Your vote matters, so make it count. It is important to note that voting isn’t just about favouring politicians; it is about shaping the future you want to see.

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