Winning start for Papo

Winning start for Papo
Winning start for Papo

Africa-Press – Namibia. XAVIER Papo won the first leg of the Nedbank Windhoek Pedal Power cycling series on Sunday when he beat five other riders in a sprint to the line.

Riding for the RMB Elite team, Papo finished the seven-lap Dobra Loops race in a time of two hours 22 minutes 49 seconds to just beat Alex Miller (Team Pupkewitz Megatech) and Drikus Coetzee (Team Simonis Storm powered by Hollard) in a sprint to the line.

Two more Simonis Storm riders, Gerhard Mans and Ingram Cuff finished a second behind, along with Jean Paul Burger of Team Cathy.

It was a great performance by Papo, who said he was determined to win the race.

“I woke up feeling good this morning, so I just told myself I’m going to go all out today to win the race and I managed to do that.

“There was an early breakaway, but I initially stayed back in the bunch. On the fifth lap about six of us decided to make a break at Bobbejaansbult and then on the final lap I made a break on my own. They probably thought they’d catch me at Bobbejaansbult, but I just decided that I can’t wait for them, I just have to go flat out, so that they don’t catch me,” he said.

Papo said he has been training hard with the aim of making the Namibian team that will be selected for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham later this year.

“I feel very good about my performance – I’m aiming to make the Commonwealth Games team, and that’s why I’ve been training so hard. I hope and pray that I’ll make the team,” he said.

The women’s race over five laps also came down to a sprint with Melissa Hinz of the Food Lover’s Market team just pipping Courtney Liebenberg of Mannie’s Bike Mecca team in a time of 2:00:46, while Monique du Plessis of the Cymot Racing team came third a second behind.

Andre Vermeulen won the Open Men’s category over five laps in 1:43:39, followed by Gerhard Breed (1:43:57) and Jaco Lamprecht (1:43:58); George Thiele won the Master Men’s category over five laps in 1:46:56, followed by Nick du Plessis (1:47:05) and Gustav Gouws (1:47:05); and Gerhard Mans won the Grand Masters Men’s category over four laps in 1:34:58, followed by Paddy Murphy (1:35:33) and Andre Huysamen (1:48:27).

Lotte Beulker won the Open Women’s category over five laps in 2:10:12, followed by Olivia Shililifa (2:10:21) and Christine Beulker (2:10:24); Mandy Huysamen won the Master Women’s category over four laps in 1:48:29, followed by Carolin Janik (2:19:45); and Karin Brockmann won the Grand Master Women’s category over three laps in 1:30:29, followed by Berrit Graf in 1:36:23.

Wesley Pieters won the Sport Men’s category over four laps in 1:34:49, followed by Philip Steyn (1:34:57) and Ingram van Heerden (1:34:57), while Jo-Andri Pretorius won the Sport Women’s category over four laps in 1:47:13, followed by Jolene Human (1:50:21) and Bronwen Chase (1:50:58).

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