Youth benefit from job-seeking mentorship

Youth benefit from job-seeking mentorship
Youth benefit from job-seeking mentorship

Africa-Press – Namibia. THE Zambezi Innovation Foundation recently held a free mentorship session with more than 40 unemployed youth, to help them in improving their job seeking methods to increase their chances of securing employment.

According to a report by the Namibia Statistics Agency in 2018, the unemployment rate in the Zambezi region grew from 31% in 2014 to 48% in 2016, making it one of the highest rates in the country.

In light of these statistics, founder and chairperson of the Zambezi Innovation Foundation Lisho Mundia told The Namibian on Tuesday that it’s important to have multisectoral support for the youth in the region, to help them remain positive while job searching.

“Investing in young human capital with the potential of socio-economic benefits is necessary. This can be done if we continue to support them, in defining what employment opportunities exist in the region, the country, Africa and the world at large. “More importantly, supporting the youth to understand the different affordable job-seeking methods that exist,” he said.

Mundia said during the full-day mentorship session recently, he assisted the youth in how to search for jobs, tips on creating an attractive curriculum vitae and how to write cover letters, as well as demonstrating the proper ways to fill in application forms.

“Failure to provide education, or create decent opportunities and access to health services for a youth-dominated population poses a potential threat to the economic and social stability of the country,” he said.

The mentorship will continue on a daily basis on the foundation’s WhatsApp group, to keep the youth engaged and further advise them on different topics such as business proposal writing, innovation ideas and sharing available job opportunities, he said.

One of the participants of the mentorship session, Travolta Mujali, who has a diploma in primary education and is actively searching for work, told The Namibian that the session was very helpful in the sense that he realised he can even apply for jobs outside Namibia.

“I was only focused on looking for a government job within Namibia. However, I now know that I can also apply in other African countries when jobs are available, as Namibia is a member of the Southern Africa Development Community. They also taught us about the common mistakes during job interviews and how to improve.

“It was a good session, and I look forward to other similar sessions in the future,” he said.

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