Opposition Needs to Learn Diplomacy – The Namibian

Opposition Needs to Learn Diplomacy - The Namibian
Opposition Needs to Learn Diplomacy - The Namibian

Africa-PressNamibia. IT IS ALWAYS a privilege to contribute to matters of nation-building, as I am expressing my view on the chaotic end of the recent state of national address, which triggered mixed reactions.

It is visible within the political sphere that the last elections delivered a resounding performance from opposition parties.This is well applauded and is significant in fostering democracy.Yes, democracy is good, because it awakens any governing body to be alert and effective. The trending exposure of state officials being accused of using their office and power for self-enrichment is significant.Therefore the democratic system must work effectively – people elect the opposition to represent them on political platforms, such as the National Assembly, to bargain on laws, political, social and economic decisions passed by legislation, and to challenge the system on administrative flaws.These lawmakers are presenting themselves as diplomatic thinkers, diplomatic speakers and arbitrators, who portray their political ability through campaigning to show how they can amicably deal with nation-building in a diplomatic manner. Contrary to the above, the Namibian parliament has been moving in a different direction lately – yes, again, members of parliament (MPs) fighting in parliament or on diplomatic stages is not news, but such physical confrontations do not sustain diplomacy in any way.It presents the reactors as poor moderators, unable to act in a diplomatic manner. It has been said that opposition MPs have been reluctant to question and challenge the ruling party, as people want opposition MPs which are more vocal, but who do not engage in fist fights, personal insults and who do not comply with the orders of the speaker.Diplomacy is directed by understanding rules, calls of order and guidelines, which the diplomatic person understands, honours and upholds.Therefore, after the recent acts by Henny Seibeb and Bernadus Swartbooi – if they would want to remain honourable to the nation and the rest of the diplomatic world – they should go back to the drawing board and redesign their political plan, because they can do better.It is prudent that they understand they should not react to entertain and be visual and vocal for the people who have already elected them.They should be visual and vocal to earn more followers from the rest of the nation and political sphere.They can learn this from the likes of the mayor of Windhoek, Job Amupanda, and others.This opinion is not to discredit or devalue the opposition, but to indicate that your actions recently tainted your honourability.Politics should not make you lose your diplomacy, because diplomacy is the profession, activity, or skill of managing consular relations. – Manley Nowaseb


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