As Tinubu attended the UNGA meeting in the USA what Nigerians stand to gain?

As Tinubu attended the UNGA meeting in the USA what Nigerians stand to gain?
As Tinubu attended the UNGA meeting in the USA what Nigerians stand to gain?

Abba Hamisu Sani

Africa-Press – Nigeria. Nigerian President Bola Tinubu was among the world leaders attending the United Nations General Assembly and presented a speech at the event besides several meetings he had with other world leaders.

This is Tinubu” ‘s first time attending the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

The speech presented by Nigerian President Bola Tinubu is described as comprehensive by International affairs experts as it touches on different issues affecting African countries

Among such issues are the impact of climate change on African countries, the Smuggling of mineral resources of the continent through using locals, proliferation of firearms that facilitate the acts of terrorists in various parts of the African continent.

Tinubu’s speech at the 78th UNGA

The forty-six-paragraph speech delivered by Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu indicated that African leaders began to regain their self-esteem as he sought business partnerships with strong economies to change the narrative of Africa

It also touched on the need for Africa to scale the limitations of foreign exploitations to reach its lofty potential while attaining the prosperity inherent in the region’s diplomatic ideals, the importance of the International Community seeing African development as a priority for investments, the need to tackle the effects of the climate change and debt relief for African nations.

The need for the UN to help curb the exploitation of Africa’s

Tinubu emphasizes the need for the United Nations to assist African countries against illicit mining of the continent’s mineral resources. This is a Clarion call for all African countries as Developed nation’s actions of siphoning minerals in countries like Nigeria through using locals particularly gold is a source of concern as it created mercenaries that become warlords through accessing weapons by illegal means which poses a serious security threat to the African nations.

Hamzat Lawal is an International Affairs analyst. He scored Tinubu’s speech high. He said it is not a secret that Africans are been exploited as he urged the Nigerian leader to match his word with actions, his leadership needs to do much to create an enabling environment for businesses to strive.

On the issue of smuggling and illicit mining activities perpetrated by foreigners in different parts of Nigeria particularly the north western part of the country where illegal gold mining is rampant. The analyst advised President Bola Tinubu to set up a strong committee of experts that will monitor the mining activities by educating the local communities on the dangers of illegal mining to the national economy and security. As the activities are supported by foreign nationals.

On the debt relief issue, Hamzat also advised the Nigerian leader to set up a powerful committee that will include the National security adviser Nuhu Ribadu, Director General of World Trade Organisation (WTO) Dr.Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Deputy secretary general of the United Nations Amina Muhammed and the President of African Development Bank Dr.Akinwunmi Ambode to champion that course.

Hamzat Lawan stated this while featuring on the channel Television “Sunrise” program on Thursday 20 September 2023.

Lawal added that if the President forms such committees it will help him in achieving the new national economic and security agenda which will also assist in curbing the inflow of illicit funds which are used in funding terrorism. Particularly around the Northwest region in states like Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto, and Kebbi.

Nigeria needs to have more business partners

Lawal also said for Nigeria to be a good business partner to the global giants, it needs to provide to the world beyond the natural resources. The government of Nigeria should focus on providing quality education,health care services , security and infrastructure coupled with stable economic policies that will encourage investors .

As Tinubu’s speech not only restricted to Nigerian issues but that of West Africa and Africa in general where he said African countries should be liberated.

The analyst stated that ECOWAS which President Tinubu chaired is more of economic platform while African Union is more of political organisation.He added that Africans should tell themselves the bitter truth as even within the regional body like ECOWAS there is no single legal tender to facilitate businesses, the movement of goods and services within the region is a difficult thing not to talk of the whole continent under AU.which suppose to be like European Union (EU).

So Africa should look inward to come up with practical solutions as delivering speeches alone can not change the situation if there are no genuine commitments.

Tinubu’s presence at the UNGA is beneficial to Nigeria and Africa

Dr. Abbati Bako is a Political Strategy, Communication Consultant and former Special Adviser to the Governor of Kano State on public affairs.He said the United Nations General Assembly remains the only platform that world leaders gather annually to discuss global issues.

Nigeria being the giant of Africa and the largest market in the continent as Africa is a big market in the World stands to benefit allot interns of seeking direct foreign Investments from the other developed nations.

Nigeria is also three per cent of the global population which make it center of attraction among the comity of nations.

The political strategist said he is on the same page with President Bola Tinubu calling for the attention of the United Nations on issues of poor economy in Africa,insecurity,and Stagflation so that at least the UN leadership must look into these problems and find solution for the problem in order to help African continent to make sure there is security and more investments in Africa .

“When you look at investments in other parts of the world, especially small countries like Singapore, you will see that the Investment there is 90 percent higher compared to investments in the whole of 54 African countries, so that there is no balance in the global economy”. Dr.Bako stated.

He said there is need for world to look in to the issue and make sure there is balance between Northern part of the world and south south part of the world

Climate change issues and how it affect Africa

The analyst said the situation is affecting the whole world Africa not exclusive hence the need for collaboration between politicians and scientists to provide lasting solutions before the world engulfed in to a serious problem that can never be reversed.

He added that Developed nations that contributed much to the climate distortion must give more cooperation in tackling the menace by reducing carbon emission.

Although as mentioned by President Tinubu, the world needs to come together to ensure the solution to this climate change even though Africa is not badly affected by the climate change .

Insecurity and the explorations of African resources

Dr. Abbati Bako said on issues of insecurity and mineral resource exploitation within Africa by developed nations President Tinubu spoke the truth because if the advanced countries have not change their attitude of creating insecurity within the African continent ,Africa will never be in peace and will never developed.He added that if they agreed to comes to the term on issues of security in Africa certainly there will be development in the continent.

The Analyst stated that he agreed with Professor Paul Collier, Head of Department of Political Economy, Oxford University London. who is an expert on Africa and Asian economies.

The Oxford University political economist said four points that made Africa to be backward on the issue of economic security and other developmental issues in the world are bad governance. Because of corruption and bad governance in Africa ,the continent still contributes less than two per cent of the global economy compared to other continents of the world.

Secondly is the issue of trap resources, the African resources have been trapped by the colonial masters as they have been using that opportunity siphoning African resources for their countries and giving a Meager amount compared to what they are getting as Africa has 35 percent of the global resources but the continent is still very poor ,so there is need for African leaders to meet other world leaders to ensure equity.

Thirdly is the issue of landlocked area if the advance nations will help Africa on infrastructural development big markets will be everywhere around the continent and Africa will quickly developed as it has the 17 percent of the global population although the population even though is unproductive but if African leaders can cooperates together to make sure the people are turn to be productive by using science and technology it will assist in bringing rapid development in all aspects.

He said Africa can imitate Chinese from 1978 to 2018 which they make sure they have a standard economy that can be compared with any nation in the world ,today China after forty years is the second largest economy in the world After United States of America.

” if African leaders can have a strategic plan to say from now on to the next 20 to 30 years or 50 years this is how we want to Africa to be by providing needed infrastructure such as rail lines, road networks, attention to quality education and health care ,the continent will be a pride to its people and more investors will troop”.Dr. Abbati Bako said.

However the 78th United Nations General Assembly with the theme , “Rebuilding trust and reigniting global solidarity: Accelerating action on the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals towards peace, prosperity, progress and sustainability for all.” provided opportunity for world leaders to meet, interact and suggest a way forward .African leaders like President Ahmed Bola Tinubu who raises many issues that affect his country Nigeria and Africa in general are doing less at their home countries to reduce the level of poverty and corruption.

Focusing on how to change the bad economic situation in Nigeria is imperative as inflation continues to create more hardship since Tinubu’s resumption as president of Nigeria in May 2023 due to his policies of Fuel subsidy removal and the unified foreign currency exchange rates.

The speech he delivered sounds attractive but the need to match words with actions is the most needed from African leaders like Tinubu.

The other aspect of Tinubu’s speech is the issue of Military coup in African countries which really drag the continent back as democracy and human rights are critical ingredients to the progress and development of Africa.

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