New Year Prophecy: Pastor Adegboye snubs Atiku, reveals who’ll takeover from Buhari, speaks on crisis, Boko Haram


The Senior Pastor of Worksword of God Church, Gabriel O. Adegboye, has released his prophecies for the New Year.

Adegboye, who is also the Convener of Save Nigeria 2019 Movement and a former presidential aspirant, said there is no hope for the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, winning the 2019 election.

In a list of prophecies he forwarded to DAILY POST on Friday, he also stated that President Buhari will not hand over power easily if he loses.

Here are his 2019 prophecies:


The PDP Presidential Candidate has to seek for God’s help now because there is no headway for his presidential ambition.

It does not matter who wins the presidential election, President Buhari will not hand over willingly.

The coming general elections and the outcome is not peaceful at all.

I see President Buhari being forced out of Aso Rock Villa by a superior power for his refusal to do the needful. Violence erupts and things go out of hands, so be careful.

God has ordained a particular man of God to be appointed to pilot the affairs of this great nation with supernatural wisdom to restore normalcy in the land.

The next president of Nigeria is not among the candidates seeking elections into the office of the President, which makes it difficult for the presidential elections results to be widely acceptable.


God gave me secrets to stop the operations of Boko Haram with the support of Nigeria Armed Forces.

For years I have been saying the same thing. I have answer to the insurgents.
God said to me there is no way Boko Haram can be conquered without Him.

All my yearly declarations since 2011 are the same on security. Imagine how many lives and property Nigeria has lost to insurgents.

Military personnel and sophisticated war equipment got lost and wasted over the years. It is the Lord’s battle and nobody not even foreign military support can eliminate Boko Haram without God’s involvement.

This year is a year determined by God to take over Nigeria and very shortly
power will change hands in this country.

The claim of Nnamdi Kanu that President Buhari died on the 17th of January 2017 was not true. President Buhari did not die. God did not say so. On the 20th February 2017, God told me that on the 8th of May 2017, President Buhari would travel and probably may not return again, but with the prayer of all lovers of the President, God tampered justice with mercy. I can authoritatively declare that there is President Buhari in Aso Rock Villa.

“God does not run by propaganda and He does not support secession in this country. I encourage Nnamdi Kanu to
stop dividing what God has joined together. I declare indivisibility of Nigeria now and always.

Nigeria is not a zoological garden and Nigerians are not Gorillas (animals) as
Nnamdi Kanu portrayed it. Nigeria is God’s own country and this will be proved this year. It does not matter who support Nnamdi Kanu, his agenda is anti-God and cannot see the light of the day.

I appeal to President Buhari, not to do what will provoke Nigerians and the
military into staging revolution in this country.

Finally, all I see is that Nigerians have failed themselves, especially the political
elites, so God is taking a very drastic decision this year to save this nation from revolution and unending crises.

1. To all advisers of President Buhari; Allow him to take unilateral decision in the interest of this nation, so that he can end well.

2. I appeal to His Excellency, President Buhari to bow to the wish of the people
honourably and not allow certain people mislead Him.

3. Mr. President has built enough trust and confidence of all Nigerians over the
years, nobody should come and destroy this legacy of his Excellency through
selfish counsels.

Most of the people that will not let President Buhari do the right thing were not with him in 2003, 2007, and 2011 when he went through thin and thick to become who God has made him today.

So, nobody should make him offend the God that has been faithful to him throughout all his numerous challenges, God bless Nigeria.


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