Out of School Girls: World Bank Discovery of an 11 year old genius in Mathematics from a Remote Village in Nigeria

Out of School Girls: World Bank Discovery of an 11 year old genius in Mathematics from a Remote Village in Nigeria
Out of School Girls: World Bank Discovery of an 11 year old genius in Mathematics from a Remote Village in Nigeria

By Abba Hamisu Sani

Africa-Press – Nigeria. Girls Child Education suffered numerous challenges in Nigeria particularly in the Northern part of the Country .

Available data reveals that about 18.5 million children, the majority of whom are girls, do not have access to education in Nigeria.

Last year, UNICEF estimated that 10.5 million children were out of school in Africa’s most populous country.

The the courses of this set back include numerous attacks on schools by terrorists and criminal gangs in the north which particularly harmed children’s education.

Since the 2014 Boko Haram abduction of 200 schoolgirls from the northeastern town of Chibok, dozens of schools have been targeted in similar mass abductions.

The UN Agency Data added that In the predominantly Muslim north , only one in four girls from “poor and rural families” completes middle school do to insecurity and gender inequality.

Kano – a State with highest Number of Out of School Girls in Nigeria

Kano State is the State with larges Population in Nigeria and UNICEF available data indicates that the Northern State has the Highes out of School Children as estimate as more than One Million Five Hundred Thousands (1.5 Million) out of which Sixty percent are Girls.

To address the problem different initiatives were put in place by both Government and Non Governmental organizations such as World Bank.

11-years old Genius Bags World Bank Project Scholarship

One the of World Bank projects targeted towards improving Girls Education tagged Adolescent Girls Initiative for learning and Empowerment ” has recently discovered an 11 year old out of School Girl from a remote Village in Gaya Local Government area of Kano State who is genius in Mathematics.

The project which is currently providing intervention grant to Seven States that include ; Kano Kaduna ,Kebbi, Katsina ,Borneo ,Plateau and Ekiti States has pledge to Provide the out of School Girl with a Scholarship to Completed her Primary and Secondary School education.

The 11 year genius Saratu Garba Dan Azumi says she is in Primary four before she left School over a year ago .

“I got the foundation of my Mathematic skills from my Mathematic Teacher”

Saratu Said she can Calculate numbers quickly with out Calculator and within seconds.

The Pupil said her reasons of leaving school is that , her school mates were addressing her with a nick name that she hate .

“They call me Turum that is why I stop going to School” Responding on whether she is interested in going back to school to continue her education. Saratu replayed yes, but not her former School.

Aliyu Yusuf who is the.World Bank project – AGILE Communication officer in Kano State said sequel to the Viral Video Clip , Many people had marveled at the 11 y prowess and ability to solve mathematical questions with out using Calculator or a Known formula.ear Girl

Yusuf who is also the Deputy Director Information Kano State Ministryof Education added that the Project National office from Abuja directed its Kano office to identify the girl and enroll her in School.

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