Why bandits are focused on subduing, taking over Kaduna – Analysts

Why bandits are focused on subduing, taking over Kaduna – Analysts
Why bandits are focused on subduing, taking over Kaduna – Analysts

Africa-Press – Nigeria. For the past three weeks, Kaduna has been in the news, as bandits continue to terrorise and inflict injuries, on the lives of their victims.

Bandits have now grown wings from attacking residents in their houses, farm, boarding students to now laying siege for passengers who travel by road, rail or air.

Kaduna International Airport was attacked by bandits who killed a security man guarding the perimeter fencing and

blocked an aircraft from flying to Lagos.

A few days after that incident, bandits bombed the Kaduna – Abuja train carrying 980 passengers. Eight passengers were reportedly killed, 26 wounded, while scores were unaccounted for.

Following this development, political watchers told DAILY POST in Kaduna on Saturday that the bandits’ attack, is a longtime plan of action, executed by bandits, and they are succeeding in their plan.

They are of the opinion that the bandits must have a plan of action and are trying to prove something to the entire world.

Dr. Salisu Abdullahi, a political analyst said the event in Kaduna for the past few days, is a sign that Kaduna, which is the capital of the northern region, is already caged by bandits.

“The famous crocodile city is no longer what it used to be. It is regrettable that so many bad things are happening every day in the state. Bandits attack everywhere as if we have no government, no security and nothing is working. If you want to travel, fear of bandits will occupy your mind. Not even fear of accidents any longer.

” You may wish to travel by road, fear of not reaching your destination comes in. You may wish to travel by train, fear of being killed by bandits grips you. You may wish to travel by air, fear of being attacked at the airport will envelop you.

He said bandits have grown to a level that it will take the grace of God to be able to overpower them.

Also, Prof. Reuben Machok, a former lecturer, at the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA), said the killing is not just in Kaduna alone but the bandits see Kaduna as the capital of the north (meaning the strong state in the Northern region).

”Kaduna has enormous resources, it used to have several industries, with great potentials, it has blessed people with blessed brains. Several federal government projects, schools and many more compared to other northern states.

“There are great potentials in the Northern states. Many states got their origin from Kaduna. Kaduna is like a grandfather. So, if bandits can capture Kaduna, they have captured all other northern states. They have a well-coordinated plan.

“Just imagine, what started as child’s play in 2015, is now outgrowing to a level that the government itself cannot curtail.” He said.

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