Constant Abduction Angers Nigerians

A man throws a tyre a bonfire on the Kaduna-Abuja highway in Gauruka.(25/05/2021)

Reported by
Abdullahi Adam Muhammad

Africa-PressNigeria. Almost all National newspapers, radio and TV stations reports on abductions on a daily basis. The crime which is becoming common in northern parts of Nigeria.

Over the relentless kidnapping and annihilation in their surroundings, some communities in Niger State near Abuja, the Capital City of Nigeria, turned angry to have blocked Abuja-Kaduna highway, burning tyres, for virtually five hours, putting pressure on the authority to take action that may end their predicaments. In these weeks, more than fifty persons were reported to have been abducted.

How Abduction Industry Operates

Many of them are illiterates, as they can’t even write or read their names. Ironically however, they have the ability to operate any brand of AK 47. They, undeniably, runs kingdoms of gangs within the forests. The abductors, many of them are believed to be Fulani, live in forests and bushes where they were born and grew up, owning heavy guns and numerous ammunitions. They, every day, make millions of money out of their terrorist activities.

They started by stealing cows of the local inhabitants to sale in the local markets. From there to abduction, moving forward to become towns demolishers. They sometimes come out from their hideouts so as to intercept passengers and drivers forcing them to enter the forest. The abducted have to trek for kilometers in the forest before reaching their camps from where relatives and families of the involved would be hearing phone-rings for huge ransom in order to free their beloved.

Muhammed Bello, a rescued student, is carried by his father as his relatives celebrate after he retuned home in Kankara, Nigeria, Dec. 19, 2020.

Occasionally, they creep into nearest towns villages to abscond with a well-known rich man for negotiation agreements and payment of ransom to follow, before he gains his freedom. There are many communities that are forced to be paying monthly tribute which is hundred thousands of Naira to prevent themselves and their town from a raid that may cause total and massive destruction. The bandits who ride motorbikes will attack people, destroy properties, abduct some, while forcing others to flee their homes if they reject or delay in keeping the promise of tribute.

Area affected

This is a challenge that is facing the whole country. However, the most affected areas are: Zamfara State, Katsina State, Sokoto State, Kebbi State, Niger State and Kaduna State. Precisely, the north-west of the country.

near Yola, a father holds photographs of his eldest daughter, 18, and his 6-year-old son, both of whom were kidnapped during an attack on the family’s village.

The Root of the Problems

Ibrahim Aminu Dan iya, a writer, a social analyst and a radio commentator, disclosed that, “the root of the problem is that there were people who used to rob them, thinking that they were unwise. Though the thing is somehow very confusing that if one is not a security expert, or somebody who makes a deep research on the issue one can’t tell you the reality.”

When he was asked why the government do not inform the citizen about the situation and the progress or otherwise, he said, “You know it is a matter related to the security of the nation. Something may not be publicized in order not to allow the criminals to know it, or somebody else who doesn’t want the challenge to end. But I think they are doing their best”.

Ibrahim Aminu Dan iya, a writer, a social analyst

Aminu Dan iya advised Nigerians to be adhering to the charity and justice. He noted that people in the north should review their idea of possessing more wives and children to reduce it to the level of their economy, attributing the trouble to the economic reasons. “The good citizen and the bad citizen are both from families…therefore if good trained is given to a child amidst his own family, then he will grow up to be good citizen. If not, he may not be a good citizen. But if one gives birth to more children he may not be able to give them a good train. Since he can’t even provide them with enough food and shelter, how can he be able to make them good citizens? People don’t say it because they fear that if they tell the truth they society will accuse them of criticizing marriage. No one will criticize marriage as long as he is a Muslim. Even if he is not a Muslim, he will not criticize marriage. Everybody respects the marriage institution. But man must do what he is able to do.”

What is Government Doing

With the inception of this administration, Buhari himself visited Zamfara State, where he issued directives to wage offensive against bandits. The operations that led to the death of many of them, including Buharin Daji, a famous gang’s leader. Various Military camps have been established in different parts of the affected areas with a view to tackle any crime element.

The way out

Auwall Bala Durimin Iya, is a security expert and analyst, talked about the way out, “…there is no country that will be secured without giving its forests the best of protection. If you don’t have enough security in the forest, there will be no security in the village. If you don’t have security in the village, then there will be no security in the cities. Without security in the cities, there will be no security in your homes”.

Auwal Bala added, “We advise that the Federal Government, State Governments as well as the Local Governments should come together with a view to train the indigenous people of the local governments so that they will protect the bushes and the forests in their various local government areas. This is what we call ‘Security Outfit Forest Marshal’ and we assure the government that we shall give our support and contribution to that.”

“Secondly, we advise government that A Center of Intelligence Research should be established, because 99% of security issue is about intelligence. So if you don’t have full intelligence information, you will not have the cooperation of the ordinary people. This should be executed to allow the security have success in their work.” According to Durimin Iya.


  1. Poor coordination and neglegence of the security related issues by the authority is the key cause of the insurgency that has put the country in a great mess. precisely I believe the people in authority are not doing what is expected of them. The people in the other are running away from the truth.


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