Insecurity : Will Impeachment notice to President Buhari by National Assembly change the situation

Insecurity : Will Impeachment notice to President Buhari by National Assembly change the situation
Insecurity : Will Impeachment notice to President Buhari by National Assembly change the situation

Africa-Press – Nigeria. The lingering Nigerian insecurity is taking multi dimension ranging from Kidnapping ,Boko haram insurgency and Indigenous People of Biafara activities .

Kidnapping has gradually be come a lucrative business among the criminals as they demand Millions of Naira as ransom which it is so hard for the families and associate of the victims to raise.

No one is safe in Nigeria even the security agents are kidnapped at different points and their families paid ransom before securing their releases .

Nigerian insecurity at it’s peak as terrorists threatened to kidnapped President Buhari

The deteriorated security situation in Nigerian has scared all the citizens and foreign investors as the bandits threaten to Kidnapped the President and Commander In chief of the armed forces President Muhammadu Buhari .

They also attacked some of his guards convoy on their way to his home town Daura in Katsina state as he traveled for this year’s Edel Kabeer celebration.

Other security threats is the attack on Kuje Prison or Correctional centre in the same Month of July where hundreds of inmates escape out of which are 65 Book Haram Members.

ISWAP a splinter of Book Haram group claimed the responsibility over the attack.

Also another twin attacks on Nigerian Military took place in Abuja the country’s Capital on the troops of the guards brigade responsible for the security of the President as they were ambushed.

As another one is on the Military check point in the same Abujà close to Zuma Rock along the Abuja Kaduna express way.

Will National Assembly Impeachment Notice to President Buhari bring an End to the insecurity?

Recently the Federal law makers of Nigeria comprising the Senate and National Assembly have threaten to serve President Muhammad Buhari with an impeachment notice for his failure to handle the insecurity facing the Country.

Abdurrazak Alkali is a Civil Society Activist and the lead Convener of a Non state Actors consultative Forum (NOSACOF,) which is non governmental group,

The Activist called on the National Assembly to focus on finding solutions of making citizens oriented legislation that will help in securing the country than making moves to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari.

The forum also accused the lawmakers of failing to carryout the oversight functions in the various security arms of the government despite billion dollars budgeted for security.

”The Lawmakers should focus on finding real solutions of making citizens-oriented legislation that will bring solutions to the insecurities tormenting the country and not threatening to remove the president due to insecurity”

The Lead convener of the Non State actors Forum added that the move to impeach the president is being orchestrated by mostly disgruntled members of the ruling APC who lost out at the presidential primaries and some members of the opposition parties who are only after their own interests.

He said Lawmakers at both senate and house of representatives have failed to look at their own failures and incompetence which contributed to the worsening economic and security situation in the country.

Abdulrazak Alkali emphasized that the current security challenges bedeviling the country is as a result of accumulation of years of incompetence, selfishness, greed, injustice and corruption perpetrated by mostly political leaders..

He said the Lawmakers are only trying to save their faces by blaming the president to win public support and look like heroes after seven years of doing nothing.

The the leader of the forum said, they are not trying to protect president Buhari, but rather cautioning the lawmakers about the dangers associated with such move, as it will bring more harm than good for the country.

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