Rubavu: Officials seek measures to address flooding issue

Rubavu: Officials seek measures to address flooding issue
Rubavu: Officials seek measures to address flooding issue

Africa-Press – Rwanda. Construction plans of a drainage and sewer to contain flooding around Rubavu town are underway.

The development comes after issues of flooding in Rubavu town and the neighbouring town of Goma have been raised on different occasions.

According to residents, floods cause a lot of damage to the extent of claiming lives.

Alice Mimi, a distributor and retailer of goods said damages have disrupted business. Some of her clients, who at times come from Congo, find it hard accessing her services due to disrupted movement.

“Affected roads disrupt movement leading to loss of clients. We have faced a lot of losses. The road is broken, and my clients no longer come,” she said while speaking to The News Times at the Rubavu cross border market.

Mimi said she shares the same problem with her colleagues who work from the market and nearby, including shopkeepers, as well.

Plans however are now in place for construction works of a new channel which will take the water to Lake Kivu.

Executive Secretary of Rubavu District, Olivier Ruhamyambuga, revealed that the flooding which they seek to permanently control has been causing damages to homes and causing deaths, especially among children.

“The sewer is set to stop accidents, and stop claiming lives of children in the area,” he said.

Ruhamyambuga said he expects the works to ensure no more destruction of homes, public and private buildings as well as infrastructures in both Rubavu and Goma towns.

He further explained that the project has been delayed by seismic problems including the latest Nyiragongo eruption, yet assured the district is to eliminate the issue.

“Congolese people, through North Kivu, raised claims that flooding causes a lot of damage. We have launched construction of a drainage and sewer to contain the flooding water by directing it to Lake Kivu,” he said.

Yves Nshuti, the managing director for NPD COTRACO, a construction company taking over the channel construction, said they have contracted with Rubavu District to get the issue addressed within eight months.

“We have contracted with Rubavu District to construct a channel which takes the water to Lake Kivu. We are going to kick off by getting the hole near the cross border market covered to avoid any accidents and have businesses get back to normal.”

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