Rwanda National Police in tree planting drive

Rwanda National Police in tree planting drive
Rwanda National Police in tree planting drive

Africa-PressRwanda. Rwanda National Police (RNP), on Thursday, December 10, launched a tree planting exercise to supplement the national environmental protection programme.

The planting of trees, which started in Kamonyi and Rubavu districts, will continue to other parts of the country.

The environmental protection activities also include connecting villages that are far from the national grid, with solar power systems as well as constructing terraces and water channels to fight soil erosion.

More than 5000 eucalyptus and pine trees were planted on 10-hectares in Kanyinya forest located in Remera Cell, Rukoma Sector in Kamonyi District, which was destroyed by residents.

In Rubavu District, over 5600 trees were planted in the agro-forestry and consolidated land in Ndongoshori Village, Karambo Cell, Kanama Sector.

In Nyamagabe District, Police lit 217 households of Sebukiniro Village, Rugogwe Cell of Uwinkingi Sector, with solar power systems.

RNP, in September, donated a bull to the same village of Sebukiniro village to help the local farmers increase hybrid cows, improve breeds and raise milk production.

While addressing hundreds of residents of Rukoma and Gacurabwenge in Kamonyi, shortly after planting trees, the Governor of the Southern Province, Alice Kayitesi thanked them for the big turn up, adding that the same effort should be used to protect the planted trees as well as the environment in general.

“Police is engaged in wider security activities, including such human security and environmental protection programmes.

Today, we have restored 10 hectares of this forest, which you destroyed. It is now your responsibility as community policing agents to conserve it because it’s partly the source of rainfall, the air we breathe and a protection against soil erosion,” Governor Kayitesi told the residents.

CP Munyambo said that these Police human security activities are meant to support community and the country’s development.

He, however, reminded the local community that protection of forests and other public infrastructures is the responsibility of every resident, which is largely hinged on fighting and preventing crimes as the foundation for sustainable development.

Residents also pledged to stand up against human actions that led to the destruction of the 10 hectares of the forest, which were restored.

The tree planting exercise was held in consideration of national safety and health guidelines to prevent further spread of the COVID-19.


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