Rwandan tech firm unveils WhatsApp alternative

Rwandan tech firm unveils WhatsApp alternative
Rwandan tech firm unveils WhatsApp alternative

Africa-PressRwanda. WhatsApp recently announced an upgrade of its privacy policy to take effect on 8 February 2021.

The move has led to a heightened awareness of the vulnerabilities of personal and professional data, with users looking for alternatives that can effectively secure their data.

As expected, competitor apps have emerged and are aggressively marketing their solutions.

Enter QT Software, a company that has partnered with Indian engineers to develop a secure communication platform for enterprises with unparalleled levels of data security.

QT Software’s Indian engineers have the experience of a nation of hundreds of millions of WhatsApp users, with significant insights on building systems that can be scaled to large populations without compromising users’ security and privacy.

“QTConnect provides end-to-end encryption with three layers of security for voice, messaging on everyday smartphones and tablets, and Internet-based instant messenger, as well as an audio telephony application that allows smartphone users to exchange text, media files and voice calls,” Navin Nyalapelli, QT senior software engineer said.

“With its focus on security, every packet is encrypted with two different encryption algorithms for secrecy and two different authentication algorithms to protect against tampering. In addition, QTConnect is secure from mobile cyber-attacks, immune from protocol fingerprinting attacks and safe from traffic profiling and interception,” Nyalapelli added.

QTConnect has been customized to provide superior user experiences across different contexts. For example, QTConnect works without internet if users are within the same LAN (network). In addition, it also works in extreme low bandwidths including 2G networks.

QTConnect is available for Android and iOS, and can be downloaded on the App Store and Playstore for Android. It provides message retraction up to seven days and there is no need to remember any password or username as it supports locking app with a PIN or fingerprint. In addition, QTConnect also provides delivery and read confirmation functionalities.

QT Software, the firm that developed QTConnect began its operations in 2016 as a research and development hub with a focus on identifying gaps in the software development market.


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