Sotheby’s Auction Offers an Over 555-Carat ‘Extraterrestrial’ Black Diamond

Sotheby's Auction Offers an Over 555-Carat 'Extraterrestrial' Black Diamond
Sotheby's Auction Offers an Over 555-Carat 'Extraterrestrial' Black Diamond

Africa-Press – Rwanda. Carbonado, or black diamonds, are extremely uncommon and only typically found in Brazil and Central Africa. Their carbon isotopes and high hydrogen levels have prompted several cosmic origin theories, including meteoritic impact, a diamond-bearing asteroid, or even an ancient supernova explosion.

Sotheby’s auction house in Dubai is showcasing a diamond that looks absolutely extraterrestrial in nature. The 555.55-carat black diamond, whose origins “are shrouded in mystery,” is believed to have come from outer space, and is showcased and auctioned as “The Enigma” by Sotheby’s.

The rare gem was displayed to journalists on Monday in the UAE’s capital city as part of a tour that included stops in Dubai and Los Angeles before being auctioned off in London in early February.

According to an Associated Press report upon the exhibit, the diamond is expected to fetch at least £5 million ($6.8 million) at Sotheby’s. According to Sophie Stevens, a jewelry consultant at Sotheby’s Dubai, quoted in the report, the number five holds much significance for the diamond, which also has 55 facets.

And to add to the sale’s price, the black diamond, according to Stevens, is most likely from space. The auction house has stated that it intends to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, following the successful sale of the Key 10138 diamond at a “record price.”

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