‘Idebe’, Ariel Wayz and Israel Mbonyi’s new videos dominate the talk of the town

‘Idebe’, Ariel Wayz and Israel Mbonyi’s new videos dominate the talk of the town
‘Idebe’, Ariel Wayz and Israel Mbonyi’s new videos dominate the talk of the town

Africa-Press – Rwanda. IT IS NEVER A DULL DAY in Rwanda’s showbiz industry and this week started on a flying note, with social media particularly being set ablaze by a number of topics that are still on the lips of many.

Hot on the lips was the video of the Minister of State for Youth and Culture, Edouard Bamporiki, which circulated on social, in which he is seen accepting a cow from actress Alliance Isimbi.

While the gesture itself was news worthy, it is the words of Bamporiki that sent social media talking, when he mentioned that as it is in the Rwandan tradition, when a man accepts a cow from a woman, the man automatically becomes the woman’s ‘Idebe.’

Normally, the word ‘Idebe’ in Kinyarwanda is used to refer to ‘an empty vessel’ or someone whose competence is questionable. However, never to be caught off guard, Bamporiki explained the genesis of the word ‘Idebe’ in the traditional Rwandan context, backed by a legend.

“Queen Nyirakigeli Murorunkwere was given a herd of beautiful white cows which had been seized from Ankole during a battle. She was given a task of choosing one of the chiefs would receive the cows,”

“The Queen instead chose her favourite servant Seruteganya to be the beneficiary of the cows. From that day on, Seruteganya was called the Queen’s ‘Idebe’ (which can loosely translate to the Queen’s spoilt child),” Bamporiki explained, silencing those who were questioning the source of the word.

Many who understood the cultural context came to support Bamporiki while others continued to make fun of the word ‘Idebe’, which in the current context has a derogatory meaning. Unbothered, Bamporiki told those who thought otherwise to take heart and learn something new because learning is a continuous process.

On her part, Isimbi said that the event has been blown out of proportion because the video was captured in a social event, which the Minister attended and the remarks were made in good spirit.

“It is a shame that people have misconstrued the event and the remarks by the Minister, who is known to be a cool person, to mean something else completely, perhaps because I am a woman,” Isimbi said in an interview with a local YouTube channel.

Ariel Wayz Juno drama continues

The break up drama between former ‘besties’ Ariel Wayz and Juno Kizigenza continued to dominate the talk of the town, with the ‘La Vida Loca’ singer capitalizing on it all to release her latest video ’10 days’.

In the video of the love song off her EP ‘Love & Lust’, Ariel Wayz is seen with a female model, posing as her lover, just few days after some texts between Wayz and Juno Kizigenza were leaked, with the latter accusing her of cheating on him with a certain girl.

It is not clear whether the duo is playing on people’s minds as they have been accused by social media users to hype up their upcoming music projects but both have not come out to deny the authenticity of the texts.

‘10 Days’ video was produced by Directed by Frery Nkotanyi and stars Donia Sbika as the model while the audio was produced by Kenny Pro and mixed/mastered by Davydenko & 3D Records. It has so far gained close to 80, 000 views but Wayz made sure the comments are turned off.

Israel Mbonyi releases 12-minute ‘Icyambu’ video

To cap the week of interesting twists and turns in showbiz, gospel singer Israel Mbonyi released his highly anticipated longer version of his song ‘Icyambu’, which was recorded on a live set.

The praise and worship song clocks exactly 12 minutes and 22 seconds, rivalling prominent ‘Rhumba’ songs by artistes such as Franco Luambo or Koffi Olomide. Mbonyi is known for producing longer songs than the ordinary ones but this time he outdid himself together with his full band and choir.

“I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this song from a true story of how God called me to serve in The Kingdom,” Mbonyi posted in the message accompanying the video which was recorded on a live set of ‘Icyambu’ album listen event.

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