New guidelines issued as concerts, exhibitions resume

New guidelines issued as concerts, exhibitions resume
New guidelines issued as concerts, exhibitions resume

Africa-PressRwanda. The Cabinet meeting of November 27, 2020, paved way for the resumption of entertainment events, exhibitions and cultural shows.

The move came months after entertainment activities were halted to control the spread of Covid-19.

Now, the Ministry of Youths and Culture and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) have released guidelines to be observed during entertainment events. Here are the five guidelines that must be observed.


Organizers should request authorization

All concerts should request the authorization of the events from the district administrations or send it to the City of Kigali with a copy to the Ministry of Youths and Culture and Rwanda Development Board. That should be done ten days prior to the event and the proposal should contain all the information regarding the concert including the venue, organizers, etc.


Outdoor venues

The activities should take place in a designated outdoor area like a conference hall or multi-purpose facility. The venue should also be disinfected prior to use and have all hygienic facilities as well as notices indicating Covid-19 preventive measures at visible locations.

According to the statement, participants should also undergo temperature screening, washing hands or sanitizing and facemasks should be worn properly.

The compliances of these guidelines will be in the hands of ushers who will monitor the implementation of the directives and ensure that dustbins for disposal of Covid-19 prevention wastes are available.


Social distancing measures

Participants should not exceed 50 per cent of the venue capacity and seats must be placed 1.5 metres apart and two meters apart for tables, according to the communique.

Vocalists, singers and dancers have been allowed to perform without a mask, but were urged to maintain a two-metre distance between them and three metres from the audience (as well as the audio-visual crew).

Speakers are also urged to sanitize their hands as they share microphones.


Covid-19 tests and ticketing

Exhibition organizers have been urged to have the minimum booth of 2m x 2m spacing having two people per booth with a physical distance of 1m between seated exhibitors.

During exhibitions, the statement says, visitors are not allowed to touch the merchandise.

Cultural shows will only last for three hours maximum and all participants will be required to have a negative Covid-19 test certificate.

All events must use e-ticketing methods to issue the tickets and restaurant services will be authorized once the organizers have requested so, and clearly stated how it will be used in accordance with Covid-19 protocols.


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