Onwards and upwards for Moses Turahirwa

Onwards and upwards for Moses Turahirwa
Onwards and upwards for Moses Turahirwa

Africa-PressRwanda. Moshions Rwanda founder and creative director, Moses Turahirwa is a man of many goals. He is by far one of the most successful fashion designers in Rwanda and now he has added a master’s degree to his collection of achievements.

The fashion designer took to social media on October 9 to announce that he had earned his master’s degree in collection design, to cement his name not just as an iconic designer but also an educated one. Turahirwa graduated from renowned Italian fashion school Polimoda.

“Tell Mama and my people, your boy just earned himself a master in collection design, that’s how I got married TO MY PASSION. Thanks to @polimoda for this incredible opportunity!” Turahirwa posted in a cheeky tweet, seemingly responding to negative press he got in recent weeks.

Turahirwa with Enrico Lalia Morra, Rwanda’s Honorary Consul in Milan.

The 30-year-old designer who left for Italy in January to pursue the course was congratulated by different people upon his achievement. “Congratulations Moses. We can’t wait for the enhancement your new skills will add to #MadeinRwanda,” responded Clare Akamanzi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

“Thank you very much Clare, your incredible support is always appreciated,” responded Turahirwa, who benefited from an RDB partnership with French football giants Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

“Congratulations @MosesTurahirwa! So proud of everything you are achieving in following and LIVING your passion. Can’t wait to see what you do next!” added David Toovey.

Rwanda’s Ambassador to France, Francois Xavier Ngarambe, whose diplomatic mandate covers Italy too, congratulated Turahirwa on his new feat and for always ensuring through his work that Rwandans, young or old, dress up smartly thanks to his creation.

“Congratulations @MosesTurahirwa @Moshions for your graduation from Italy in Collection Design. Looking forward to your beautiful new line coming soon. Good luck!” posted Dr. Ron Adam’s the Ambassador of Israel to Rwanda.

Turahirwa is over the moon after graduating.

Turahirwa with his class.

Turahirwa, who has designed clothes for global superstars and leaders, describes himself as part of Africa’s new generation of creatives on a mission to usher in a new era of slow, thoughtful fashion.

His Moshions brand is an ever-evolving creative manifestation of his love of discovery, play, and the beauty found in the details of the environments and culture that surrounds us.

“In the unique aesthetics of his creations, Moses pays homage to visual storytelling tradition found in Rwanda and across the African continent,”

“Through innovative design that often includes meticulous craftsmanship and manual printing techniques, Turahirwa reinterprets continental heritage through contemporary fashion, thrilled by the opportunity to celebrate Africa’s vibrant narratives with the world,” he says on his website.

The designer posted photos of himself over the moon following the graduation. Previously he had teased about an important event coming up, leading to speculation on local media that he was going to tie the knot. It turned out he was getting married to fashion through education.


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