Visualizing artistic borders of Pan-Africanism through art exhibition

Visualizing artistic borders of Pan-Africanism through art exhibition
Visualizing artistic borders of Pan-Africanism through art exhibition

Africa-PressRwanda. Envision Rwanda, a media arts collective based in Kigali, just completed a three-week exhibition on December 5.

Dubbed Black Paradise, the exhibition was a series of visual artworks that expressed a more inclusive viewpoint regarding the African culture, especially the life of a growing African child.

Ismael Kwizera, the mastermind behind the exhibition, wanted to highlight the plight of young children in an attempt to bring attention and spread positivity, hence rebranding the reputation of Africa.

The exhibition showcased 21 artistic portraits which explore a paradigm shift regarding the way an African child is perceived globally.

“I wanted to tell a different story,” Kwizera said, “many people, including artists, portray Africans as poor and underprivileged people. That is why I stepped up and showed the other view of an African child.”

Revelers who had attended the closing ceremony of the exhibition, also hailed Artiste Kwizera for the great work, echoing the same views for people to change the mindset they have on the African child.

“Most negative stories on African continent are best-selling on the international market, that should change and that is why we need to create stories that portray the other side of the issue”, shared one of the attendees.

The exhibition was concluded with different performances like drama, musical performances, and live paintings.

Ismael Kwizera is a Rwandan artist who graduated from Nyundo school of arts two years ago. The 21-year-old is currently in the Art Rwanda Ubuhanzi program sponsored by Imbuto foundation where he was selected among the 600 applicants.

In his solo exhibition, Kwizera presented a powerful ability for visual storytelling that feels so distinct to an African child.

He says that his artwork will allow him to change people’s mindset regarding the African child and become the latter’s voice by creating positive energy and change for the community.


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