Zizou Al Pacino to release first movie project ‘Kazitunga’ this week

Zizou Al Pacino to release first movie project ‘Kazitunga’ this week
Zizou Al Pacino to release first movie project ‘Kazitunga’ this week

Africa-PressRwanda. ZIZOU AL PACINO is working on his first movie dubbed ‘Kazitunga’ which tells of the struggles by people in making a living during this pandemic. The movie is set to be released this week. The Rwandan producer, real name Zizou Iradukunda, told The New Times that he started the project in June this year.

“This movie is mostly a true story, its inspiration came from stories of people ‘hunting’ money in various ways during this Covid-19 pandemic. One of the ways was the rise of pyramid schemes, which was a way of selling money to generate some profit.”

Zizou who is the CEO of Goodaddy Group Ltd revealed that this is not the only movie that their production company is working on, but that there are some other movie projects that are on the go since among the many activities in that company, film production is one of their departments.

When asked whether he is leaving music production to fully venture into movie production Zizou replied, “I am not leaving the music production industry. Even though this project is under this company, I am not the one in charge of movie production. So, this won’t prohibit me from doing what I have been doing for 10 years.”

‘Kazitunga’ will be released in the form of 15 to 20-minute short movies where one will have like 15 to 20 minutes.

Zizou said that viewers should expect their favourite actors and actresses like Babou from the Comedy Knight and others since this is more of education and comedy genres. It will be available once a week on Goodaddy Studio YouTube Channel.

Some of the challenges that Zizou shared with The New Times include the time it actually took for a movie production which is so different from the one it normally takes for a song video that he is used to.

On the other hand, it was so easy for him to adapt to the situation. “Film and music are interlinked and this was so helpful to me since I could use some ideas from my field of music production and I can really say that I learnt some more skills as well,” he said.


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