Waste management: German city of Hannover to train Rwandan specialists

Waste management: German city of Hannover to train Rwandan specialists
Waste management: German city of Hannover to train Rwandan specialists

Africa-Press – Rwanda. Rwanda and the German city of Hannover have signed a deal that will see local experts receive training in wastewater management. The agreement is part of Rwanda’s ongoing efforts towards the improvement of sewage treatment plants, sewerage network and wastewater treatment in the city of Kigali.

It was inked on Friday, November 19. Belit Onay, the Mayor of Hannover signing on behalf of his city, while Igor Cesar, Rwanda’s ambassador to Germany signing on behalf of his country.

“The future-oriented investments in wastewater treatment in Kigali are intended to improve the quality of life of the Rwandan population in the long term,” read a statement from the city of Hannover.

“The aim of the cooperation is the qualification and training of specialist staff. From 2022, Rwandan workers are to be trained in the field of wastewater technology,” it went on.

Speaking about the deal, Hannover’s Mayor Onay said his city has been involved in various international city networks for many years in order to exchange ideas and promote each other.

“The cooperation with the Rwandan government in the field of urban drainage is important to us because we can pass on our know-how in a concrete and valuable way. We are very pleased about the joint project and hope to expand the cooperation,” he said.

On his part, Ambassador Cesar spoke about the close relationship between Rwanda and Germany. “Numerous companies such as Volkswagen are already active in our country. I am very pleased about the long-term cooperation between Hanover and Rwanda in the field of wastewater disposal and the qualification of personnel,” he said.

Matthias Görn, the Head of Hannover’s drainage system said the city “is very happy to take part in the cooperation,” because training is a high priority.

“We look forward to the exchange and the opportunity to pass on our knowledge. In a first step, a total of up to seven skilled workers are to undergo three-year training from 2022″, he said. In addition to the deal, a collaboration with the Institute for Urban Water Management and Waste at Leibniz University Hannover is planned.

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