FEATURED: TVET schools committed to clean energy through solar system

FEATURED: TVET schools committed to clean energy through solar system
FEATURED: TVET schools committed to clean energy through solar system

Africa-Press – Rwanda. In partnership with the Chamber of Skilled Crafts (CSC) Koblenz and Saint Joseph Integrated Technology (SJITC) inaugurated the solar PV (DC and AC) coupled system at the school premises.

Solar PV (DC and AC) coupled systems is a renewable technology that enables communities and individuals to produce electricity without a grid.

The solar system installed in the school is expected to generate more than 9 Megawatt per year.

Brother Pie Sebakiga of Saint Joseph lauded the system saying it powers some classrooms, computer labs and is used in welding, and carpentry classes while protecting the environment.

“As a country we are committed to tackle climate change and as a school this is the first step,”

“in addition to that we will be offering solar energy courses here at our school , this way we will be equipping our students with the knowledge they need for the job market, especially in a field that is getting popular everyday” he said.

Delivered by a Master Trainer from Germany CSC Koblenz has so far trained more than 20 trainers countrywide from public and private sectors and TVET schools at SJITC in different courses, that include installing the system.

Stephanie Uwimana, one of the trainees, and a teacher from Kibihekane TVET school said that the training will help her to transfer that knowledge to her students in the renewable energy field.

“At my school we use solar energy to power some of the classes, this allows our students to learn the growing technology while protecting the environment,” she said.

Presiding over the inauguration Thomas Kurz, ambassador of Germany to Rwanda said that the system cements the good cooperation between Rwanda and Germany.

“One of the biggest pillars both our countries collaborate on is protecting the environment and this project is just the beginning of fighting climate change, because the system is eco-friendly”

Ambassador Kurz added that Germany is determined to develop TVET schools in Rwanda and through partnerships with TVET and IPRC schools they will be able to reach the goal of creating employability for young Rwandans.

Cornelia Zupp, Project Coordinator of Partner Africa Project CSC Koblenz said that the solar system does not only provide power but teaches the students and others about what can be done in order to live a more eco-friendly life.

Zupp added that CSC Koblenz is ready to offer solar energy lessons to the schools, private sector and others.

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