Rwanda Ready to Welcome Afghan Girls Being Relocated

Rwanda Ready to Welcome Afghan Girls Being Relocated
Rwanda Ready to Welcome Afghan Girls Being Relocated

Africa-PressRwanda. Rwanda’s Ministry of Education says it is ready to welcome a group of Afghan girls being relocated from the Asian country with the hope that they can continue with their education in a new and safe environment.

On Tuesday, the School of Leadership Afghanistan (SOLA), the only boarding school for girls in Afghanistan, clarified on the manner in which the 250 girls, who are expected to arrive in Rwanda anytime from now, were relocated to a third country for their own safety.

The clarification by Shabana Basij-Rasikh, the Co-Founder and President of SOLA Afghanistan followed, reports that Rwanda is among the countries that have agreed with the United States, to receive thousands of Afghan refugees set to be relocated from the country after the takeover by the Taliban.

KT Press

understands that the relocation of the special group of girls has nothing to do with the US Government’s request to various countries, including Rwanda, to host “Special Immigrant Visa” (SIV) applicants from Afghanistan before they proceed to USA.

It is understood that SOLA Afghanistan privately requested Rwanda to have the girls relocated to the country, not just for their own safety but also for them to be able to continue with their education as they wait for the next move.

“On August 20th, I shared that our SOLA community is safe. Today, I want to share a few details as to the form that safety is taking,”

“Last week, we completed the departure from Kabul of nearly 250 students, faculty, staff, and family members. Everyone is en route, by way of Qatar, to the nation of Rwanda where we intend to begin a semester abroad for our entire student body,” Basij-Rasikh clarified.

“So many individuals played key roles in our departure, and while I can’t thank you all here, I want to publicly offer my gratitude to the governments of Qatar, Rwanda, and the United States for their critical assistance,” she added.

Basij-Rasikh added that SOLA is resettling, but their resettlement is not permanent and that they are planning to have a semester abroad. “When circumstances on the ground permit, we hope to return home to Afghanistan. For now, I request privacy for our community,” she added.

Appeal to the world

Basij-Rasikh added that the situation in the Afghanistan capital Kabul is one of fear, anger and ferocious bravery of the Afghan people whose lives were plunged into uncertainty when the Taliban took, with lives of women and girls particularly in danger.

“I look at my students, and I see the faces of the millions of Afghan girls, just like them, who remain behind. Those girls cannot leave, and you cannot look away,”

“If there’s one thing I ask of the world, it is this: do not avert your eyes from Afg. Don’t let your attention wander as the weeks pass. See those girls, & in doing so you will hold those holding power over them to account,” Basij-Rasikh tweeted.

Rwanda’s Ministry of Education on Tuesday said it was looking forward to welcoming the Afghan girls and the entire SOLA Afghanistan team expected to arrive in Rwanda anytime soon.

“The Ministry of Education looks forward to welcoming the SOLA community to Rwanda for your study program. Murakaza neza,” the Ministry tweeted, giving assurances to the community.


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