Rwanda to train Mozambique troops

Rwanda to train Mozambique troops
Rwanda to train Mozambique troops

Africa-Press – Rwanda. Rwanda could soon start training Mozambique Armed Defence Forces (FADM) as part of the initiative to build the latter’s capacity to fend off defence and security threats.

This, according to Col Ronald Rwivanga the Rwanda Defence Force spokesperson, is one of the issues that were discussed during meetings of top security officials from both countries hosted in Kigali.

The meetings, which ended on Monday aimed at examining the progress on the restoration of state authority in the country’s northernmost province Cabo Delgado six months since Rwanda deployed troops to the country.

“The other issue that we discussed also is ways in which to start the training of Mozambican defence forces,” said Rwivanga, adding “so that we fulfil the last element that we discussed of security sector reform in order to give the requisite capacity to the forces in Mozambique to be able to stand their own when we make the decision to withdraw in the future.”

Gen. Admiral Joaquim Rivas Mangrasse, the Chief of General Staff for FADM, said that “We came here to…to discuss further security arrangements to support Mozambican forces in their journey to improve their capacity through training, on one hand, and fighting the insurgents wherever they may be.”

As it stands, Gen. Mangrasse says, the insurgents were significantly weakened and that these joint efforts will continue to build from these results. Rwanda was the first African country to send troops to Mozambique’s Northern Province, to support the country to restore peace in the area that had increasingly faced attacks by armed groups since late 2017.

The Southern African regional bloc, SADC, followed suit by sending in hundreds of troops. The Mozambican delegation is in Rwanda for a three-day official visit, during which both sides will review the security situation in Cabo Delgado province and devise measures to succeed in ongoing operations in the province.

New agreement to expand cooperation

To conclude the series of discussions, both parties signed an agreement of expanding the cooperation between the two nation’s security forces in order to improve operations that are taking place in Cabo Delgado.

Gen Jean-Bosco Kazura RDF Chief of Defence Staff alongside the Chief of General Staff of the Mozambican Armed Forces, Admiral Joaquim Mangrasse officiated the signing ceremony at RDF Headquarters, Kimihurura. Gen Kazura welcomed the Mozambican delegation and pledged an enhanced collaboration within the joint forces.

“From the onset, we have achieved a lot from working together and today is another opportunity to see what we have achieved through working together and also what we need to do together to achieve more,” he said.

Rwivanga said that among the decisions that were made includes expanding the spheres of cooperation in terms of capacity building of the Mozambique Security Forces as well as improving the modus operandi of the joint forces in the theatre.

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